The Real-Life Partners Of The Yellowstone Cast

Ever since its 2018 debut, "Yellowstone" has become one of the top-rated television shows on cable. The show revolves around the Dutton family and their ranch in Montana. The Duttons will do whatever it takes to defend and protect their ranch and their money. With its first three seasons already streaming on Peacock, "Yellowstone" returned to our screens for a fourth season in November 2021. Not only is the hit series back for Season 4, but two spinoffs of the popular show are also in the works: as of this writing, "Yellowstone: 6666" and "Yellowstone: 1883" are being developed for Paramount+, per Cinemablend.

The real-life partners of the cast of "manifest" have had to put up with the crazy schedules of their spouses and partners throughout the show's four seasons to date. Let's take a look at who those people are in the lives of cast members Kevin Costner, Kelly Reilly, Cole Hauser, Wes Bentley, Kelsey Asbille, and more.

Kevin Costner found love with a handbag designer

Kevin Costner plays ranch owner and family patriarch John Dutton in "Yellowstone." In real life, he's been married twice. While Costner was a student at California State University Fullerton in 1975, he met and started dating fellow student Cindy Silva. They married in 1978 and had three children — Annie (born in 1984), Lily (born in 1986), and Joe (born in 1988). They divorced in 1994, after Cindy gave him an ultimatum: stop playing heartthrobs and sexy roles or quit the movie business, per People.

Costner met handbag designer Christine Baumgartner in the early 1990s while playing golf. He was married at the time. They didn't start dating until he ran into her in a restaurant in 1998 and they exchanged numbers. They broke up briefly in 2002 and then married in September 2004 at Costner's 165-acre ranch near Aspen, Colorado, per People. They have three kids, Cayden (born in 2007), Hayes (born in 2009,) and Grace (born in 2010).

Kelly Reilly married a financier

English actor Kelly Reilly plays Beth Dutton, daughter of John Dutton, and the love interest of ranch hand Rip Wheeler, on "Yellowstone." Reilly was raised in Surrey, England. When she was a teenager, she wrote to the producers of a television show to ask for work. Six months later, she auditioned and was cast in an episode of that show, "Prime Suspect 4: Inner Circle," per IMDb.

On a personal front, Reilly is married to financier Kyle Baugher. They met, got engaged, and married in 2012, tryin the knot in Somerset, England. Reilly is incredibly private about her personal life, and Baugher has no social media presence. Reilly does, however, occasionally share a photo of him on her Instagram account, like this beach selfie, which she captioned "my favourite human" — but spoiler alert: the comments on the pic reveal big cliffhanger things that happen on "Yellowstone."

Cole Hauser tied the knot with one of the Doublemint twins

Cole Hauser plays lead ranch hand Rip Wheeler on "Yellowstone." His character is having a steamy love affair with Kelly Reilly's Beth Dutton. In real life, Hauser has been married to his wife, Cynthia Daniel, since 2006. The couple has three kids, sons Ryland (2004) and Colt (2008) and daughter Steely Rose (2013), per Country Living.

Hauser's wife is the twin sister of actor Brittany Daniel. The sisters started modeling as kids and were cast as the Doublemint twins in the vintage chewing gum commercial. Cynthia and Brittany also played Elizabeth and Jessica Wakefield in "Sweet Valley High," per IMDb. Cynthia retired from acting in 2002 and works as a photographer with her own company called Five Arrows Photography.

Cynthia is making a return to acting with her sister Brittany in a remake of "Cheaper by the Dozen" for Disney+, per Deadline.

Wes Bentley found love again after dealing with addiction

Wes Bentley plays Jamie Dutton on "Yellowstone." He burst onto the Hollywood scene in 1999's "American Beauty." However, the rising star had a hard time handling the success and attention he received as a result of that role, as he was being called the "next Christian Bale" at the time, per The Hollywood Reporter, and started using heroin and cocaine. In 2001, Bentley married actor Jennifer Quanz, but hid his drug addiction from her, which led to them separating in 2006 and divorcing in 2009. Bentley got sober that same year.

In 2010, Bentley married producer Jacqui Swedberg. They began dating in 2008 while he was separated from his first wife. They have a son born in late 2010 and a daughter born in 2014. Swedberg produced the show "Corner Gas," which was on the air from 2007 to 2009, per IMDb. Neither Bentley nor Swedberg are on social media. They prefer to keep their family life private.

If you or anyone you know is struggling with addiction issues, help is available. Visit the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration website or contact SAMHSA's National Helpline at 1-800-662-HELP (4357).

Southern girl Kelsey Asbille's boyfriend is a British actor

Kelsey Asbille plays Monica Dutton on "Yellowstone." She also has a starring role on "Fargo" as Swanne Capps, per IMDb. She was born in Columbia, South Carolina, and got her start on "One Tree Hill" playing Gigi Silveri when she was a teenager, having played the role from 2005 to 2009.

In her personal life, Asbille has been dating English actor William Moseley since 2012. He is known for his roles as Peter Pevensie in "The Chronicles of Narnia" film series and as Prince Liam in E!'s "The Royals," per IMDb. In a 2018 interview with Marie Claire, Asbille revealed her guilty pleasure is to order takeout and binge-watch her boyfriend's show "The Royals." She also revealed her favorite piece of art is an Ansel Adams photograph of the full moon over Half Dome in Yosemite that Moseley gave her for her birthday.

Luke Grimes married an influencer and model

Ever since the pilot episode of "Yellowstone" aired back in 2018, Luke Grimes has played Kayce Dutton, one of Yellowstone Dutton Ranch owner John Dutton's many children. A bit of a vengeful troublemaker who will resort to violence if necessary, he's a prodigal son who returns to the family land to serve as a ranch hand, horse handler, and eventually, foreman. Onscreen, Grimes' character has a tumultuous marriage, but offscreen, he and his real-life spouse project the very picture of happiness. 

According to Parade, Grimes married model Bianca Rodrigues in November 2018. Born in Brazil, she's got more than 200,000 Instagram followers and lives with the actor in Montana, not far from the big sky country where "Yellowstone" shoots. The couple themselves appear to keep their relationship private, but from her social media posts and profile on Models Intro, it would seem that Rodrigues Grimes specializes in being professionally attractive as it pertains to modeling some of the more revealing offerings in modern women's wear, particularly lingerie and swimsuits. She also posts a lot of pictures of herself in exotic locales, as she fancies herself something of a social media influencer.

While celebrating the married pair's third wedding anniversary in 2021, she shared a sweet pic of Grimes giving her a piggyback ride on Instagram. "I'm so lucky to have you in my life," Rodrigues Grimes wrote in the caption, complete with a heart emoji. "Happy anniversary anjo! Te amo."

Josh Holloway met his future wife in a bar

After a slew of minor roles on TV shows, in movies, and in music videos throughout the '90s and early 2000s, Josh Holloway found his breakout role as dashing, sarcastic rogue James Ford (aka Sawyer) on the puzzling drama and cultural sensation that was ABC's "Lost." He made a major return to closely-followed TV in 2020, when he joined the cast of "Yellowstone" as villainous, corporate-connected rancher Roarke Morris, who has his eyes on the Dutton land.

Back in 1999, Holloway met Yessica Kumala, whom he'd marry five years later, according to E!. They met in a bar, when Holloway was about to approach Kumala's friends, but she got to him first. "I got right to them and then I got slapped on the shoulder, and she looked me up and down and said, 'Give me your number before you leave,' and then left with her martini," Holloway told Harry Connick Jr. in 2017. Later that night, Kumala again rapped Holloway on the arm, and asked for his number and name, refusing to give hers out, before leaving once again.

At any rate, they reconnected later on, hit it off, and are now the parents of two kids, daughter Java and a son named Hunter, per E!.

Taylor Sheridan's wife is a model and actor

Horse trader Travis Wheatley appears every so often on "Yellowstone," showing up to make a deal (or attempt to) in Seasons One, Two, and Four of the modern Western. Portraying him: character actor Taylor Sheridan, recognizable from roles as Chief David Hale on "Sons of Anarchy" or Danny Boyd on "Debasement Tapes." He doesn't act too much anymore, however, on account of how his pivot to screenwriting proved extremely successful — he wrote the screenplays to "Sicario," "Wind River," and "Hell or High Water" (for which he earned an Academy Award nomination in 2017), which led to his creation of the very show on which he occasionally appears: "Yellowstone."

Nic Sheridan, née Nicole Muirbrook, identifies herself as "Mrs. Taylor Sheridan" on her Instagram account. She's also a model, working with the AMAX Agency, and has appeared in ads for watches, cosmetics, tourism campaigns, and women's wear. The Utah-born Sheridan even appeared in episodes of "Dark Blue" and "How I Met Your Mother" before starting a family with her actor-writer husband, with whom she tied the knot in 2013 and shares a son named Gus. Nic is also a supporter of the National Indigenous Women's Resource Center.

Celebrating their eighth wedding anniversary in September 2021, Nic captioned a cute pic of herself and Taylor mid-kiss with, "Till we are old and gray, Baby. Happy Anniversary to us."