Drake Bell 'Crushed' After Death Of Ex-Girlfriend Stevie Ryan

The former Drake & Josh star is devastated after learning about ex-girlfriend Stevie Ryan's recent passing. 

Sharing a photo of himself with Ryan on Twitter, Drake Bell wrote, "No no no!!!! I can NOT BELIEVE THIS IS HAPPENING!!!! Please wake me from this nightmare @StevieRyan I loved you and will forever miss you!"

Just a few hours later, the 31-year-old tweeted a link to an article about Ryan's death, adding, "This is too much. My heart is crushed. @StevieRyan I love you and miss you..."

Bell and Ryan dated from 2005 to 2006, according to Us Weekly.

As Nicki Swift previously reported, Ryan, a famous YouTube personality, died on July 1, 2017, having committed suicide by hanging. She was just 33 years old.