Tom Brady Finally Sets The Record Straight About His Infamous Snub

After years of making the playoffs, the Philadelphia Eagles finally had a chance win the Super Bowl in 2005. There was only one problem: the team had to go up against the New England Patriots, the juggernaut franchise led by quarterback Tom Brady. The Eagles lost in the end and perhaps the most remembered part of the game was a long-held rumor that the Eagles quarterback Donovan McNabb puked from exhaustion in the fourth quarter, per The Philadelphia Inquirer. The sting stayed for years with Philadelphia fans. That is, until redemption in 2018, when the Eagles went on to beat the Patriots in Super Bowl LII. One of the more memorable moments for fans of the winning side was a botched trick play where Brady dropped a pass to him. On the "Let's Go!" podcast, Brady revealed, "Every time I see an Eagles fan I get reminded of that play."

Another moment that Eagles fans could never get over was Brady's infamous snub to their Super Bowl-winning quarterback Nick Foles. At the end of the game, Brady didn't shake Foles' hand and instead went straight to the locker room. Foles later went to the Chicago Bears and Brady to the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. But once again, Brady didn't shake Foles' hand after losing a regular-season game. "I didn't even think about that," Brady said at the post-game press conference, perĀ NBC. "Sometimes I run off the field, sometimes I haven't." Now, however, Brady is finally setting the record straight about the apparent snub.

Is there bad blood between Tom Brady and Nick Foles?

Even though Tom Brady has been known for shady behavior in the past and Nick Foles moved on from playing with the Philadelphia Eagles, fans still never miss a chance to heckle the former New England Patriots quarterback. After all, Philly is known for having passionate fans and few will forget any slight to their favorite players. In the lead-up to a 2022 game between the Tampa Bay Buccaneers with Brady as the quarterback and the Eagles, reporter Rob Maaddi brought up a sore subject in Philly. He asked Brady what he thought about Eagles fans still fuming over the snub of not shaking Foles' hand after the Super Bowl loss. Brady claimed he wasn't aware that people were still mad about that moment. "I've shaken Nick's hand plenty of times," Brady said in a video clip from the press conference. "I have a lot of respect for Nick and I try to be a good sport as best I can," the quarterback added, admitting he sometimes "gets a little pissed out there" on the field.

As for what Foles thinks about the rumored beef with Brady, he doesn't seem to sweat it. "I'm sure that some day, Tom and I will have a great conversation about it and probably just laugh at it," he told 670 The Score. The quarterback admitted that despite the awkward history between the two, "I think he's a tremendous player. Some day, we'll have a good conversation."