Farrah Abraham Sounds Off On Her Explosive Arrest

Farrah Abraham was arrested January 15 at a club in Hollywood, California, TMZ has reported. The former "Teen Mom" star allegedly struck a security guard at Grandmaster Recorders, where she and friends were enjoying their evening, according to Us Weekly. Sources told TMZ that Farrah allegedly got belligerent after someone called her a "hater." A citizen's arrest was apparently made by bystanders after the alleged scuffle, and EMTs were called to the scene. Farrah was taken into custody and issued a citation for the misdemeanor, Us Weekly reported but released the same night. 

TMZ reported that there were no injuries at the scene and Us Weekly added that no charges have been filed. Farrah is due in court on May 19 for the incident.

True to form, Farrah has not handled this situation privately, firing back at those involved via a series of Instagram Stories on January 16. She also shared her two cents with TMZ after the fact, and well, she's seriously upset.

Farrah Abraham claims the incident was instigated by club staff

Farrah Abraham took to Instagram on January 16 to post a series of Stories about the incident at Grandmaster Recorders in Hollywood. "Why is a male on top of me holding me down when I was walking," she alleged, per Us Weekly. "This is scary and he should be fired and in jail for [battery]. I'm tired of people harassing me, holding me down, hurting me and [lying] about me ... it's scary, it [affects] mothers, it is traumatizing and I'm hurt."

The "16 and Pregnant" alum also sent a statement to TMZ, following their reporting of the incident on January 15. "I'm tired of being maliciously battered, attacked, conspired against while having dinner at [Grandmaster Recorders], this was a private person's arrest my lawyer is handling from here," she told TMZ. "It is terrifying and traumatizing that people attack me and I can not even enjoy dinner as I'm the only person out of 3 attacked and harassed when. I look forward to court as always, warning this place is a danger to public figures." She also shared that she believes the club's staff set her up so they could sell the story to the media, noting that her friends weren't singled out like she was. 

Farrah's arrest is just one of her many struggles in recent years — in August 2021, she threatened to sue Harvard, claiming the institution was "educationally abusive" to her while she was a student there, per TMZ. Talk about drama.