The Real Reason Neve Campbell Told Her 3-Year-Old Son He Was Adopted

Neve Campbell has always put family first, previously taking a hiatus from acting to spend more time with her first child and to break away from the Hollywood "game," according to Business Insider. In 2018, the actor and her husband JJ Field welcomed a new addition into their family through adoption, per Entertainment Tonight

When it was official, Campbell took to her Instagram and posted about the joyous occasion, stating, "His name is Raynor and we are madly in love with him." The sweetness continued when sharing how their eldest son was coping with the change. "Our 6 year old son Caspian is over the moon and asks every morning 'Can I hold my baby? Can I feed my baby? Can I play with my baby'. It's the most incredible thing we've experienced." Campbell's happy caption was paired with a photo of the trio walking forward with a stroller — a snapshot capturing the first moments of the family after everything became official.

Now that time has passed and her son Raynor is about to turn four, Campbell is stepping back into the spotlight, joining David Arquette and Courtney Cox in the fifth installment of the "Scream" franchise. Her open nature in sharing the adoption news years ago with the public leaves no surprise when learning that her son already knows as well.

Neve Campbell's take on adoption

Neve Campbell broke down her approach on sharing her son's adoption story with him, simply noting that he has known "from the beginning." On "The Kelly Clarkson Show," Campbell explained, "I read a lot about it. I think back in the day we used to think, 'Keep it from them and throw it at them when they're 21 so their entire reality falls apart,' which makes so much sense." Clarkson agreed that her guest's method was "smart" and that throwing out the adoption surprise when kids are older causes such a "shock."

Campbell continued, "Really the guidance that I had was even before they understand the language, talk about their birth mother, talk about their story. Tell them who they are." She feels that with this direction, her son won't be surprised "in any sense whatsoever." Campbell expresses a clear connection to his birth mother, even welcoming photos, stories, and other information to pass on to Raynor.

"She actually made an entire album for him of photos of herself and things about her life and things that she likes," the actor said, mentioning a shared love of costumes between Raynor and his mother and the sweet sentiment that he can feel a relationship with her as well as Campbell. At the end of the day, what is most important is that her son feels love "from the beginning by everybody."