The Iconic Director That David Arquette Is Thanking For His Relationship With Courteney Cox

It looks like the gang is back together again for a slashing good time in the latest installment of the "Scream" franchise, which means a fan-favorite duo will be reuniting as well, according to CNN. David Arquette and Courtney Cox have plenty of history, closing out the '90s as a new "it" couple, then getting married, having a daughter, divorcing, and somehow still thriving when working alongside one another.

It has been nearly a decade since Cox and Arquette finalized their divorce, but fans of the classic horror staple are thrilled to see the actors reprise their roles of Dewey Riley and Gale Weathers. The film's town of Woodsboro seemed to hold a certain magic all those years ago, providing the perfect setting for a romantic connection to blossom beyond what was written on the page for their characters. And Arquette is now giving a lot of credit for his real relationship with Cox to the man who crafted the Dewey-Gale saga for the big screen.

David Arquette speaks of Wes Craven's real impact

Director Wes Craven flooded the horror movie genre with instant classics like "A Nightmare on Elm Street," "Last House on the Left," "The Hills Have Eyes," and "The People Under the Stairs" (via IMDb). This impressive list features his most loved work, but it is clear that "Scream" and the three films that followed under his direction have transformed Craven's legacy for the next generation. The new film, titled "Scream," will be the first without Craven, according to Entertainment Weekly, since his death in 2015.

As for playing cupid, in a 1998 interview with People, Craven spoke about David Arquette and Courtney Cox's relationship. "It's one of those cases where opposites attract and complement each other in wonderful ways," he explained. "[Arquette] brought a lot of excitement and a kind of mad whimsy to her life, and she brought a rootedness and a great amount of wisdom and love into his."

In a recent talk with People, Arquette confirmed that "Wes had a real impact." According to the actor, "[He was] like, 'David, you know she likes you, and you should really get your stuff together.' He gave me a real man-to-man talk, and that had an impact on the course of my life."

Despite the relationship's end, Arquette and Cox have a good relationship today, co-parenting their daughter Coco and expressing excitement over reuniting as Dewey and Gale, per Entertainment Weekly. It is apparent how special Craven's influence and guidance were.