Mandy Moore Wants To Reboot A Walk To Remember With A Huge Disney Star

After kicking off her career as a bubblegum pop singer in the late 1990s, Mandy Moore proved she was multitalented by venturing into acting. She has starred in huge movies such as "The Princess Diaries" and "Tangled," but one of her most iconic roles was playing Jamie Sullivan in 2002's "A Walk to Remember" alongside Shane West. Calling the role an "overwhelmingly positive, memorable experience," Moore explained why the film was so important for her in a 2017 interview with Entertainment Weekly. "It was my first leading role and it was the first film I worked on away from home," she reflected.

The movie recently celebrated its 20th anniversary, resulting in Moore, West, and director Adam Shankman reuniting for a discussion with People. Both actors admitted they both had a crush on one another while shooting. However, West explained the pair keep it professional because they "inherently cared about each other," adding, "I think when you do [have an attraction] and you're doing such a sweet story that it just makes it very easy." Despite the following over the years, Shankman explained there wasn't much support before the movie hit the big screen. "I remember the head of the studio at the time didn't really see it as something that he wanted to make," he revealed. "So we just boldly went for it. ... We just made it and then people really liked it."

If there was ever a reboot for "A Walk to Remember," Moore has another fellow singer in mind to play her part.

Mandy Moore thinks Olivia Rodrigo could play Jamie Sullivan

Reboots are hot right now and Mandy Moore believes there should be one for "A Walk to Remember." During a chat with People, the "In My Pocket" hitmaker suggested fellow singer and actor Olivia Rodigo, who currently stars in the Disney show "High School Musical: The Musical: The Series," could portray the role of Jamie Sullivan, which Moore originally played. "Someone could redo this film," she stated, adding, "I would love to see it. It's been long enough that, yeah, I feel like we've earned our place in cinematic history for a reboot at this point."

In an Instagram post shared on January 25, Moore said this movie "unequivocally changed the course of my life and career." Even though many probably can't imagine the original film without her, the likes of Jessica Simpson and Anne Hathaway had the possibility of playing Jamie. While reminiscing over the film's 20th anniversary, director Adam Shankman also told People he was reminded by Hathaway that she was once considered for the part. "I don't remember this, but Anne Hathaway has told me that she was down to the wire on it. And I was like, 'Really?' And she was like, 'Oh, yeah. I was one of the finals,'" he said. Shankman continued, "I was like, 'I don't remember that.' I don't really remember anybody in that game because I was pulling for Mandy."