A Timeline Of Nick Jonas' Relationships

When Nick Jonas first hit the scene, as part of the Jonas Brothers band with his brothers Kevin and Joe, he was a curly-haired kid who was asked often about the purity ring he wore on his finger to symbolize his commitment to staying a virgin until marriage. He told a Reddit user in 2016 that the rings came from pressure within his church. "...without a full understanding of what we were stepping into, we all made this commitment," he recalled. Nick expanded on that thought to The Guardian. "What's discouraging about that chapter of our life is that at 13 or 14 my sex life was being discussed. It was very tough to digest it in real time," he remembered.

Nick no longer wears the ring and hasn't for a while; as he told Wendy Williams in 2014, "I'm an adult in all ways, and comfortable with who I am." The multi-hyphenate actor and singer is now married and is a father, but there was a long journey of discovery between the kid who sang about going to the "Year 3000" and the man who is now raising a child with a fellow superstar. Read on for a complete timeline of all of Nick Jonas' relationships.

Miley was Nick's first kiss

Nick Jonas dated Miley Cyrus for over a year, between 2006 and the end of 2007, when both were at the height of their Disney Channel fame. According to the Jonas Brothers' documentary "Chasing Happiness" (via Seventeen), Jonas fell for Cyrus when the JoBros appeared on "Hannah Montana." Fans speculated about what was going on, but the superstars never actually confirmed they were together until after they'd already broken up. Years later, Miley told Seventeen (via @nileythreads on Twitter), "Nick and I loved each other. ... For two years he was basically my 24/7. But it was really hard to keep it from people. We were arguing a lot, and it really wasn't fun." They vowed to remain friends after they broke up. "Maybe he'll be my best friend for the rest of my life or maybe I'll end up marrying Nick Jonas!" Miley speculated.

Nick later confirmed on BBC Radio 1 (via MTV) that Miley was his first kiss. "The first person I kissed was Miley Cyrus and I kissed her outside of California Pizza Kitchen in Hollywood — very romantic," he remembered. "I'd just had a pizza that had onions all over it. I'm sure that my breath smelled terrible."

Many years later, marking the 13th anniversary of her iconic single "7 Things," Cyrus shared a quote from her memoir about her mindset when she wrote the song about her famous ex. "It's a song about how I should hate him, but I don't, and I don't know why," she reflected.

Nick moved on with Miley's friend Selena

After he broke up with Miley Cyrus, Nick Jonas controversially started dating her friend Selena Gomez. While the move may have sparked the infamous feud between Gomez and Cyrus — infamous, that is, in the world of Tumblr stan blogs and heated YouTube comments sections — Gomez seems to have thought Jonas was The One. She later told Seventeen, "I maybe had a first love and had my heart broken, but reflecting on it, I don't think that was love. I think that was just me being fifteen and going, 'Oh my gosh! I know I'm in love. I'm going to marry him.'" Gomez was 15 right around the time she was with Jonas, so it's pretty easy to figure out who she's referring to.

He wasn't ultimately the one she would marry, but the "Only Murders in the Building" actor and the "Levels" singer managed to remain friends, even though the relationship didn't work out. Years later, on BBC Radio 1, she got Jonas to open up about a terrible, awkward date he took her on while they were together. Adorably, she referred to him as "Nicholas" before asking him to describe that time he took her to Central Park. Embarrassed, Jonas revealed that he made her walk 25 feet apart from him, while Joe and then-girlfriend Taylor Swift were also walking apart in the same park; it was clear to everyone that they were together, although he didn't want anyone to know.

Nick Jonas and Delta Goodrem remained friends

After his relationship with Selena Gomez fizzled, Nick Jonas moved on with Australian singer Delta Goodrem, who has amassed an impressive nine number-one hit singles in her native land. They dated for approximately ten months despite a considerable age gap; at the time of their relationship, Jonas was only 18, while Goodrem was 26. (Jonas getting together with older women would become a recurring theme in his dating life... but we don't want to get ahead of ourselves!) It seems that their relationship progressed quickly, as the Daily Mail reported that he took her to Lisa Vanderpump's restaurant Villa Blanca for his mother's birthday dinner, where she met his whole family.

However, as quickly as it began, the relationship ended. Goodrem's team released a statement to People announcing their breakup, writing, "They remain friends and wish each other the best for the future." That statement of continued friendship seems to have been more than just the usual PR-speak; years later, the two singers shared identical snaps of themselves accidentally wearing similar denim-based outfits at a party!

Jonas' brother Joe later found himself on the panel of "The Voice Australia" alongside Goodrem. He told "The Kyle And Jackie O Show" that they didn't ignore the past. "There's a few times that it's been brought up and luckily it's like a brother-sister relationship [with] me and her, and we can really mess with each other and have a good time," he revealed.

Olivia Culpo made Nick jealous

Up next, Nick Jonas dated Miss Universe 2012 winner Olivia Culpo, getting together the year after she won the top pageant honor. He told Wendy Williams that his hit single "Jealous" was written about her. "We went out one night and this guy was just looking at her for a little too long. It was uncomfortable. I'm not a jealous person, but this was an experience where I was like... this guy..." Culpo also appeared in the music video.

One of the couple's biggest public appearances was at the 2015 Miss Universe pageant, where Jonas accidentally made Culpo think he was going to propose. Jonas was performing at the competition, according to The Sun (via Us Weekly), and he found Culpo in the crowd and went in front of her while singing. "Her face was in full panic," he relayed. "She thought I was going to propose on national TV in front of one billion people."

After they broke up, Jonas told Extra, "We had a great, beautiful few years together, but it's been a crazy couple months and I wish the best for her in the future. It is tough, though." Years later, after Jonas found love again, Culpo told People she was happy for him in his new relationship, noting that it's challenging to have a genuine relationship in their industry. "You can see there's a track record of things not working out," she said. "So I'm so happy for him." 

His relationship with Kendall Jenner was 'light and casual'

After Nick Jonas broke up with Olivia Culpo, who at that point had been his longest public relationship, he was linked to a quick succession of famous beauties. Nick was supposedly set up with Kendall Jenner by her model bestie Gigi Hadid, who was at the time dating Nick's brother Joe. "Gigi wants Kendall around all the time. She thinks it would be fun for all of them to hang out," a source spilled to Us Weekly.

However, aside from "confirmation" from "insiders," the relationship was never really public, and doesn't seem to have lasted long, if it ever really was much of thing at all. Insiders later told the Daily News, "He thinks she's hot, but he thought she was a little annoying and just not his type." Yikes.

Nick later explained what happened to E!, letting them know that he was single, and sometimes he and Jenner were out together because she was friends with his brother's girlfriend, and that was all, okay? He claimed things were "light and casual" in his romantic life, adding that "Kendall is great." Sounds like damage control to us, Nicholas! Blink twice if you got a call from Kris Jenner!

Nick felt a 'connection' with Kate Hudson

Nick Jonas was spotted on a Disney World date with actor Kate Hudson in 2015, and TMZ reported they were hooking up, shocking fans. According to Us Weekly, the two may have first gotten together thanks to a particularly revealing thirst trap that Hudson's stylist posted of her on Instagram, reportedly specifically to catch Jonas' eye. While they technically never went public with a "relationship" as such, Hudson's mother, Goldie Hawn, talked about the twosome on "Watch What Happens Live!" and told host Andy Cohen, "As long as the kids are having fun, I don't care... 'cause he's a very nice guy. He's a good person." However, when Cohen asked her if she'd made Jonas dinner, she joked that she "would have..." if the couple had "lasted long enough."

The following year, Jonas finally admitted to Complex that he had felt "an incredible connection" with the "Almost Famous" actor. However, he refused to divulge details about what, exactly, they'd been up to. "Out of my best effort to respect her and her privacy, I'm not going to say if we had sex or not," Jonas demurred. "But we did have a beautiful connection. Even now I have so much admiration and respect. She's amazing."

Hudson spoke well of Jonas, too, for her part. After being informed of the "Who I Am" singer's comments in Complex, she told "CBS This Morning," "He's a great guy. He's a sweetheart."

Lily Collins' dad denied the relationship

All the way back in 2009, actor Lily Collins hosted the Kids' Choice Awards, the ceremony where Nick Jonas and his brothers famously got slimed to close out the show. Years later, a source told Entertainment Tonight in November 2016 that Jonas was dating the future "Emily in Paris" star, gushing that they were "both into each other." However, after the twosome were spotted on a joint vacation to the mountains (that certainly seemed romantic), Collins' famous father — musician Phil Collins — denied the rumors. He told Yahoo that Lily had called him to assure him they were "just friends," and he added, "[I'm] not sure what Nick looks like." Ouch! 

Jonas confirmed to The Sun (via Page Six) a few months later that he had been dating her after all. "We went out a couple of times," he admitted. "She is amazing. We have known each other for years, just running in the same circles." However, by the point of that interview, Jonas claimed to be single once again. The relationship seems to have cooled, and the pair fell out of the headlines without ever officially having announced either a relationship or a split. They have both since moved on; we'll get to Jonas in a second, while Lily is now married to director Charlie MacDowell.

Georgia Fowler made for engagement-party arm candy

While Nick Jonas was figuring out his own dating life, his bandmate brother Joe got engaged to "Game of Thrones" star Sophie Turner. Not to be outdone, Nick turned up to their engagement party with Victoria's Secret model Georgia Fowler by his side. Sources at once confirmed to Us Weekly that the twosome were dating. A source told People that they were "having fun and he thinks she's really hot... His friends think she's sweet. He really likes her." PeopleNow went further, reporting that they "cuddled in a corner" at Joe and Sophie's engagement party.

Fans online noted that they had been interacting on social media for months before sources confirmed their relationship to the tabloids. Fowler reportedly sang along to Nick's music on her Insta story, while he shared photos of himself and the model on a trip to London.

Like his relationship with Lily Collins, this one seems to have fizzed out quickly as well, and their breakup was never explained publicly.

Nick asked Priyanka Chopra out online

When things didn't work out with Georgia Fowler, Nick Jonas evidently took matters into his own hands: he sent Bollywood superstar Priyanka Chopra a direct message and told her, "I think we should connect," she later revealed to ET. The business-like message seems to have worked; Jonas showed up to the Met Gala in 2017 with Chopra, ten years his senior, on his arm. However, at the time, Chopra told Jimmy Kimmel that Jonas asked her to go with him because they knew each other and were being seated at the same table anyway, so that was all it was... at first.

The following year, a source confirmed their relationship to Us Weekly. "It's a good match and they are both interested in each other," they revealed. After leaving flirty comments on each other's Instagrams, the couple went IG official the following month (via Cosmopolitan). They soon traveled to India together to meet Chopra's family, and before anyone knew it, sources told People they got engaged in July 2018, mere months after they officially got together. Jonas confirmed it on Instagram in August, captioning a gauzy snap of the lovebirds, "Future Mrs. Jonas. My heart. My love." His brother Joe reposted the photo and welcomed Chopra to the family.

Nick later described the moment to Vogue, remembering, "I said: Will you make me the happiest man in the world and marry me? No joke — she took about 45 seconds. Forty-five seconds of silence." Finally, he slipped the ring on her finger.

Nick and Priyanka's wedding was a three-day affair

Mere months after they were confirmed to have been dating, Chopra and Jonas married in a massive wedding that featured multiple ceremonies in India, recognizing both of their cultures. People reported that they held "a Western wedding," both decked out in Ralph Lauren; days later, they had also had a Hindu ceremony paying homage to Chopra's upbringing.

Chopra described the weddings to Ellen DeGeneres, explaining to the incredulous host that the while the three-day affair featured 200 guests, that was actually "super intimate." Indian weddings, Chopra said, "are [usually] 1,000 people at least." She added, "My mother was so upset with me the whole time. She was like, 'I need to have another party for the 150,000 people that I know. How can I not invite my jeweler? How can I not invite my hairdresser?'"

On "Today," Nick's brother Joe revealed how emotional he'd been during the event, glowing as he remembered the feelings surrounding his toast. "This is not only my brother, best friend, and to see him marrying his dream girl, there was a lot of tears the whole weekend and a lot of smiles." A few months after marrying, Nick and his new bride purchased a $20 million home in Encino, California, with the whopping price tag of the complex "shattering" the previous real estate record for the city, according to The Dirt.

Baby Chopra-Jonas has arrived

A year after their blow-out wedding, Priyanka Chopra-Jonas(!) told Vogue India that having a baby with her new husband was very much something she was planning on. Nick Jonas, too, was looking forward to having a baby with his new wife. The "What a Man Gotta Do" singer told Extra in January 2021 that the two definitely wanted children. ​​"We'd be blessed with any child, son or daughter or anything," he said. The star added, "But just knocking on wood that it happens."

For the first few years of their marriage, no child materialized. In January 2022, Chopra-Jonas told Vanity Fair that the couple was definitely still thinking about expanding their family soon. "[Children are] a big part of our desire for the future," she confirmed. "By God's grace, when it happens, it happens."

As it turns out, it was already in the process of happening! The two revealed on Instagram shortly after the Vanity Fair interview that they had welcomed a child via surrogate. "We respectfully ask for privacy as we focus on our family in this special time," they wrote in a joint statement posted to both of their accounts. Their famous friends filled the comments with well-wishes, including John Legend, who wrote, "So happy for you both!!!" Ryan Tedder, who produced the Jonas Brothers' hit "Sucker," was a bit more effusive, commenting, "Omg HUGE CONGRAAAAAATS WOW WOW WOW."