Moriah Plath Reflects On How Much Has Changed For Her Brother Micah With Childhood Photo

The Plath siblings have had big transformations and are starting to go in their own unique directions since their early days on TLC's "Welcome to Plathville." When the show first premiered in 2019, fans were immediately intrigued by the big family, modeled similarly to the Duggars, and their super-conservative lifestyle. The first season explored how the nine Plath children were raised by their strict, religious parents in rural Georgia.

Naturally in a modern world with access to social media and pop culture, the Plath kids were rebellious, eager to break the restrictive boundaries that prevented them from simple things such as watching television and drinking soda, according to Us Weekly. Micah Plath and his sister Moriah Plath revealed in Season 2 that they had moved out on their own, struggling with the rules set by their parents.

Since Micah's move to Los Angeles in late 2021, he has pursued modeling and is working up to acting. Despite the move, his close relationship with his siblings remains strong and Moriah is making her support known with a throwback post on Instagram.

Moriah Plath is proud of her brother

Moriah Plath took a stroll down memory lane and posted a photo of her brother, Micah Plath, and herself via Instagram on January 31. "This was Micah and I 11 years ago early in the morning going to milk the goats," the caption reads. "I think we were fighting right before this picture was taken!" A second image of the siblings followed the throwback: "Here we are today and I have to catch a flight to LA in order to see him cause he's made it!"

Moriah — who is releasing music and living in Florida, according to ScreenRant — makes a point to celebrate her brother, writing, "I'm very proud of who you've become Micah! Lucky to call you my brother! And I apologize in advance if you get upset when you see this." Micah couldn't resist taking to the comment section and giving even more insight into the photo, which shows Moriah bundled in a hoodie and Micah with a baggy sweatshirt and ripped jeans.

"Old times not forgotten! I really did wear every pair of pants straight into the ground," the model said, adding that Moriah and his siblings could visit any time. The sweet moment between the two was thrown aside with the added message from Micah revealing he had found an old camera, threatening his sister with "some good photos I'll probably share." Moriah humorously said she was "scared" for what he would post, but we can't help but be excited for more flashback moments.