Here's What Sharon Stone Looks Like Without Makeup

Sharon Stone has a unique perspective on beauty. In the 1990s, Stone ruled the big screen as a glamorous femme fatale in films like "Basic Instinct" and "Casino." Decades after her biggest roles, Stone is now redefining what it means to be beautiful. "This idea that being youthful is the only thing that's beautiful or attractive simply isn't true. I don't want to be an 'ageless beauty,'" Stone told Shape in 2014. "I want to be a woman who is the best I can be at my age."

Stone, who turned 63 in 2021, is all about embracing herself beyond the height of her acting career. "People are afraid of changing; that they're losing something," she explained, per Vogue Portugal. "They don't understand that they are also gaining something (...) I think that in the art of aging well there's this sexuality to having those imperfections. It's sensual." 

Stone's Instagram account proves to her followers she isn't leaving behind her glamorous side with her age, as she often sports gorgeous fashion, hair and makeup looks at Hollywood events. However, as a media figure who has exuded beauty on screen over the years, many fans have wondered what Stone looks like without makeup.

Sharon Stone keeps it real

As much as Sharon Stone occasionally reaffirms her status as a '90s glam icon, the actor hasn't shied away from showing fans her natural self. The star shared a makeup-free selfie to Instagram in August 2021, smiling confidently while wearing framed glasses inside her home. The pic showed Stone being honest not only about her appearance without makeup, but also her state of mind at the time. "My day was a rollercoaster through heaven and hell," she wrote in the caption. "I've decided to be happy about what I've learned & whom I've connected with."

Stone's social media proves she is committed to keeping it real for her followers. The "Basic Instinct" star can be seen on Instagram embracing her natural face while hanging out with her dog, getting the COVID-19 vaccine, and showing off her bikini in a sunny, summertime selfie.

Stone has learned to embrace her beauty throughout the years despite how haters made her feel early into her career. "They think if you're beautiful, you must be stupid, you must be shallow," she described to Allure. "Every person has gifts. And if beauty is one of them, we should accept it and enjoy it as a gift from nature... If someone's beautiful, for God's sake, let them be beautiful."

Sharon Stone isn't afraid of aging

For Sharon Stone, who celebrated her 63rd birthday in March 2021, growing older isn't a curse. "I actually find aging a benefit," she told The Hollywood Reporter. "I don't choose to make growing older a negative. I choose to get older. Growing older is my goal."

While aging may be the fear of other Hollywood beauties, each year is a reminder of Stone's survival of a nearly fatal health issue. The actor suffered a major stroke in 2001, which took seven years to fully recover from, per Page Six. During her hellish early recovery period, Stone said Hollywood tossed her aside. "I lost my place in the business. I was like the hottest movie star, you know?" she told Variety. "It was like Miss Princess Diana and I were so famous — and she died and I had a stroke. And we were forgotten."

While feeling like she was disposed of by the film industry, Stone revealed to Allure that her 40s "were so beautiful" out of the spotlight. Stone said, "[I]t was a period of reconciliation and change, and understanding myself." She continued, "It was my period of the biggest change, but the period where I thought I was the most beautiful."