The Truth About Brad Keselowski's Wife Paige White

The Daytona 500 is quickly approaching and No. 6 driver Brad Keselowski is hoping to finally add this victory to his record. He celebrated a win at Talladega in 2021, but has had "seven consecutive finishes of 12th or worse" in the iconic Daytona race, according to Fox Sports. "Daytona is a heartbreaker," he told the Orlando Sentinel. "She's broke my heart a couple times here. I still keep coming back, though. I'm like the guy in the friend zone here with Daytona, trying to break out of the friend zone." Fortunately for Keselowski, the woman who really holds his heart will be cheering him on for the big day.

Paige White and Keselowski have been together for nearly a decade and the news of his proposal in 2017 delighted fans and their NASCAR peers. The racing star went all out for a memorable proposal, per Country Rebel, arranging a horse-drawn carriage ride — complete with a man in a top hat at the reins — near a lake for the perfect photo-op. Fellow driver Clint Bowyer joked about not being happy with the over-the-top proposal, saying Keselowski "makes us all look bad," with a cheeky grin.

The proposal and marriage between White and Keselowski is a full fairy tale of its own, but the couple has been together for quite some time and had started a family well before the official big day was planned. Since she wasn't featured in the series "Racing Wives," here's a little more about Paige White.

Paige White was a racing fan before meeting her husband

Paige Keselowski, née White, was born in North Carolina and racing has always been part of her life. Her father, Louis White, was a stock car driver and timber harvester, making appearances at NASCAR races a regular way of life for the family. She graduated with a degree in psychology from East Carolina University and Player Wives Wiki speculates that she and Brad Keselowski began dating in 2012.

When the two announced they were expecting their first child in 2015, Brad wrote a sincere post on his blog. "I'm the happiest I've ever been in my life, and Paige is a very large part of that. She's an amazing person. She's soft-spoken, well-educated and smart. She's beautiful, which never hurts. Most importantly, she understands who I am and where I've come from in ways that most people wouldn't know or understand."

Acknowledging his very public position as a driver, he made a firm request to fans and the press. Brad noted not minding good and bad remarks pointed at him, as his status as a public figure often welcomes the attention, "But the baby girl we're having hasn't signed up for any of that. So if you can keep the focus on me, that would mean a lot to us." This responsible decision would hold even more weight when the family eventually experienced a medical scare.

Paige White and Brad Keselowski have two daughters

Brad Keselowski took to his blog in 2015 to reveal a scary situation he and Paige White went through as new parents with their daughter Scarlett. During a race, the couple was concerned when the little girl was having difficulty breathing, and after a few unsatisfying doctor visits, an ENT specialist suggested a grim diagnosis. "Eventually, she was going to stop being able to breathe and eat," Keselowski recalled. "She wasn't going to make it." The couple went into panic mode and a new diagnosis was given at the Mayo Clinic in Minnesota.

"Scarlett had laryngomalacia, a weakness in the muscles of the throat that's fairly common in infants, though it's rarely as severe as Scarlett's case was," he wrote. "They did emergency surgery on her the next day, and it saved her life." With their small family safe and sound, the pair tied the knot less than two years later and then, in 2019, welcomed their second daughter Autumn.

In addition to racing posts, Brad shares special moments and adventures with the ladies in his life on Instagram. The pair celebrated their wedding anniversary on February 10, with Keselowski posting, "5 of the best years I could ask for." On Valentine's Day, the sweetness continued with a love-themed photoshoot of White and their girls "I hope these three always know how loved they are. My forever Valentines!" Keselowski captioned his post. Now, the family is going into the Daytona 500 on February 20 hoping for a big, emotional win.