Matthew Stafford Breaks Silence After Super Bowl Parade Incident

Matthew Stafford is making amends following an incident that happened during the Los Angeles Rams' Super Bowl victory parade and rally. At the celebrations on February 16, a photographer named Kelly Smiley was seen capturing photographs of Matthew, who was celebrating with his wife, Kelly Stafford, per E! News.

As she was setting up a shot, Smiley fell backwards off the platform to the horror of Kelly, who quickly checked to see if she was okay. Matthew, though, was captured on camera mouthing, "Oh my god!" before turning his back on Smiley and walking away with a water bottle in hand.

The clip of the incident went viral and many fans criticized the quarterback for his nonchalant response. Smiley later updated her followers on Twitter, saying she suffered a fractured spine and broke her camera gears in the fall (via ESPN). Now, days after the incident, Matthew has finally broken his silence and reveals how he plans to help Smiley.

Matthew Stafford and his wife are lending a hand to the photographer

Matthew and Kelly Stafford (seen above) are making things right to Kelly Smiley, the photographer who fell while photographing the couple at the Rams' victory parade. Speaking out two days after the incident, the couple shared that they will help Smiley get back on her feet by providing financial support.

"We have been in communication with Kelly Smiley since yesterday's incident and we are sorry for what happened," the Staffords and Rams said in a joint statement, shared by a Washington Post reporter on Twitter. "As we told Kelly, we will be covering all her hospital bills and replacing her cameras. We wish her a speedy recovery."

We're sure that Smiley will be appreciative of the gesture. In a GoFundMe created by her friend, they stated that the photographer will need the money to replace her camera equipment "to keep her working after fully recovering." The friend also gave an update on Smiley's status, saying she "has been discharged from the hospital and is resting at home." We're glad to know that there's a happy ending to this story!