Inside Alexandra Daddario's Terrifying Encounter With An Armed Stalker

Besides a longstanding career in Hollywood that has included roles in the "Baywatch" reboot movie and the HBO series "The White Lotus," Alexandra Daddario has a wildly popular Instagram account. The actor receives attention from fans and her posts go viral with virtually anything she uploads. In October 2021, after the social media platform experienced an outage, Daddario posted a photo wearing a black gown while holding a gourmet burger and fans ate it up. Fans often profess their love for the "True Detective" actor in the comments section.

Daddario appeared as Annabeth in the "Percy Jackson" franchise in the early 2010s, and she has noticed an interesting dynamic with fans of the series over the years. "It's funny to see a twenty-year-old, who looks to me like a kid, being like, oh my god, I loved you when I was growing up," she told Awards Radar in 2021.

Around the same time that Daddario finished working on "Percy Jackson" in 2013, she was cast as the star in the horror movie "Texas Chainsaw," according to IMDb. That was an emotionally demanding role for the actor. "[I]t was the most intense level of emotion to get into, being chased by a guy with a chain saw," she told Interview in June 2014. Unfortunately, Daddario had a real-life frightening scenario play out at her home, when a supposed fan showed up outside her house and refused to leave.

A man with a loaded gun was arrested outside Alexandra Daddario's home

On February 19, a man showed up outside Alexandra Daddario's home and caused a disturbance. Eventually, police were called, as the man began screaming and reportedly mentioned the "San Andreas" star while ranting, per TMZ. When the authorities arrived, the man was uncooperative and would not leave the premises. The interaction became chilling after police searched his car and discovered a loaded handgun. The man was then arrested outside Daddario's home and charged with carrying a concealed weapon.

The incident took place around 11 a.m. local time on February 19, and the man was revealed to be 24-year-old David Adam Carko from Colorado, per Deadline. Carko's bail was set at $35,000. Somebody had called 911 when the disturbance began, but it was unclear if Daddario was the one who placed the call. It was also not confirmed if Daddario or her fiance, Andrew Form, were home at the time.

Only a couple months earlier, in December 2021, Daddario was spotted wearing a diamond ring while out on the town with her then-boyfriend. A rep for the actor confirmed that she and Form were engaged, per E! News Although the "When We First Met" actor frequently posts on social media, she keeps her relationship with Form fairly private. Daddario did, however, post a sweet black and white snap to Instagram of her kissing Form's head on Valentine's Day. So sweet!