Selling Tampa Season 2 - Here's What We Can Tell Fans So Far

"Selling Tampa" Season 1 saw huge success on Netflix when it debuted on the streaming service in December 2021. A spin-off of the captivatingly dramatic "Selling Sunset" (which made the likes of Chrishell Stause and Christine Queen reality TV superstars and also spawned "Selling The OC"), the series lifted the lid on the lives of glamorous lives of the ladies selling real estate in the Sunshine State — and all the drama that comes with it. And, oh boy, was there drama!

The reality series took us behind the scene at Allure Realty, the real estate agency set up by Sharelle Rosado and her employees, including Alexis Williams, Juawana Colbert-Williams, Colony Reeves, Anne-Sophie Petit-Frere, Rena Frazier, Karla Giorgio, and Tennille Moore. It saw plenty go down between the ladies, from catty friendship drama, to firings, to baby announcements — and pretty much everything else in between.

It's safe to say the eight episode long first season packed plenty in, but could we expect to see more from the Tampa gang with a second season? Well, here's what we know about all that so far...

When will there be more episodes of Selling Tampa?

Good question! Netflix is yet to officially confirm if there will be a "Selling Tampa" Season 2, but it's worth noting that with the first season only dropping in December 2021, there's still plenty of time for more to be announced. Using Season 2 of "Selling Sunset" as an example, Season 1 dropped in March 2019 and the second season wasn't officially confirmed until April 2020 before the episodes dropped the following month.

But while we wait with bated breath to see if there's more, it sounds like the streamer may already have all the footage it needs to bring the show back. Sharelle Rosado admitted to Metro in December 2021 that the cast "had a lot of content" to the extent they "probably could have done two seasons with all that we had," noting there "was so much going on."

Of course, there's also plenty of drama new episodes could focus on, including more than one Tampa baby! As fans will know, Sharelle revealed she was expecting during the first season (with People announcing the news in August 2021), while Rena Frazier revealed via Instagram that she was expecting her fifth child in early February 2022.

Obviously, with no official confirmation it's every returning yet we can't give you a release date right now, but we're guessing it will probably be sometime in late 2022 or early 2023 if the show follows a similar release schedule.

Selling Tampa season 2 cast

While we'll have to wait and see who returns if "Selling Tampa" returns to Netflix, we can speculate about the cast in the meantime. It seems unlikely Sharelle Rosado, the owner of the brokerage, won't return for more so we can probably expect to see her back.

Then we have the rest of the cast, Juawana Colbert-Williams, Colony Reeves, Anne-Sophie Petit-Frere, Rena Frazier, Tennille Moore, and Karla Giorgio, who brought plenty of drama the first time around. Someone a little less likely to be back, though? Alexis Williams. The first season saw Alexis fired from Allure Reality following a tough conversation with Sharelle, in which she told her, "It's always excuse after excuse after excuse, and I can't take it no more. And if you're not putting your all, you can't be part of Allure."

However, that doesn't mean there's not the possibility of a return to the show and the company. Sharelle admitted that she was open to bringing Alexis back someday, claiming she'd be open to considering rehiring her around six months down the line.

But as we also know all too well, these kind of shows aren't averse to shaking it up with new cast members so there's always the chance of some new faces being thrown into the mix to spice things up. "Selling Sunset" is the prime example of that, as the original show brought in newbies Vanessa Villela and Emma Hernan for Season 4 to stir up new drama.

What could happen in Season 2?

Well, as we've already revealed, there are new babies for the "Selling Tampa" cast which could make for some interesting potential Season 2 storylines, but it turns out the cast have their own ideas for what could go down if the reality show returns.

Sharelle Rosado revealed her hopes for what could happen next to Entertainment Tonight in December 2021, hinting Alexis Williams could be back after all. When asked what she wants in Season 2, she replied, "I hope and pray that Alexis gets her stuff together because she was one of my first agents," noting that she would consider letting her work at the Miami office.

As for what Alexis had to say? She had "high hopes for a season 2" and wanted to return "with no drama." She also touched on her excitement to meet the new babies.

Juawana Colbert-Williams also had some ideas for potential storylines, sharing she'd "love to see what happens with the baby and how [Sharelle is] going to manage Miami vs. Tampa" as well as "how the ladies are going to either put up a fight or not in terms of who else is going to be second in command."

Sharelle herself also spoke about the possibility of a second season to ELLE in December 2021, responding when asked what we can expect, "Who knows! Maybe I'll put somebody else in charge and maybe you'll see me in Miami. Let's pray that we get season 2 first."