Kate Hudson Totally Geeks Out Over Gwen Stefani

Despite her high-profile status, Kate Hudson proves she is just like the rest of us as the "You, Me and Dupree" actor still finds herself fangirling over other celebrities.

In 2015, Hudson took to Instagram to boast about hanging out with pop superstar Britney Spears. In the snapshot, the iconic duo sported over-the-shoulder poses and gazed directly at the camera lens with smirky expressions. "That moment when @britneyspears shows up to your game night and your [sic] all like #itsbritneyb*tch," she wrote, adding the eyes, salsa lady, and confetti emoji. 

That wasn't Hudson's only fan-girl moment. During a 2019 appearance on "The Ellen DeGeneres Show" with her mom, Goldie Hawn, Hudson told Gwyneth Paltrow she was starstruck when first seeing her in the flesh. "I was still in high school and there was this store called Tracy Ross and me and my best friend, Sara Foster, were in there shopping. There were only two other girls in there and it was Gwyneth and Winona [Ryder]. And we were like," she explained before dropping her mouth. Hudson continued, "I watched you go and get all the clothes and I was like, 'What's she getting?' I clocked all the outfits and you got Katayone Adeli pants [...] I remember! And then I was like, 'Hey!' and you were like, 'Hi,' and that was it."

It seems Hudson's starstruck days aren't over as she recently confessed her love for former No Doubt frontwoman Gwen Stefani.

Kate Hudson desperately wants her son's Gwen Stefani t-shirt

It seems Kate Hudson has love for another blonde beauty that we're also obsessed with. As seen in the snapshot above, the award-winning star took to Instagram to share a photo of her eldest son, Ryder Russell, wearing a black t-shirt that featured three images of Gwen Stefani across the front. For her caption, Hudson informed her 14.7 million followers that she plans to take the garment from her son's wardrobe and keep it for herself. "Better put a lock on that closet son cause I'm coming for that tee," she wrote, adding the eyes emoji.

Stefani took notice of Hudson's admiration for her and decided to share a comment that no doubt probably put a smile on Hudson's face. "@katehudson no need to steal! I've got something better for you," the singer insisted. While Stefani didn't give a hint at what she might be sending Hudson her way, it could be the new makeup range that Stefani will be launching next month. Titled GXVE, the products will be available on the brand's site on March 3 and will hit shelves in Sephora stores on March 10, according to Elle. Gwenny-Gwen-Gwen, please add us to your PR list!