Sofia Vergara's On-Set Selfie Has Everyone Saying The Same Thing

Sofia Vergara is starring in a six-part series about "cocaine boss" Griselda Blanco, per Netflix. According to the streaming service's press release, "Griselda chronicles the real life of savvy and ambitious Colombian business woman, Griselda Blanco, who created one of the most profitable cartels in history." Blanco was a "devoted mother," but she had a hidden talent. Her "lethal blend of charm and unsuspecting savagery helped her expertly navigate between family and business leading her to become widely known as the 'Black Widow.'"

Vergara revealed that Blanco's "ingenious tactics allowed her to rule a billion dollar empire years before many of the most notorious male kingpins we know so much about." At the end of her first week on set, the Colombian-born actor posted a still of her as Blanco and the transformation was incredible. She shared that "Griselda" has been a "passion project." In particular, she was glad that she was "part of creating all of these job opportunities for latino actors and for me to FINALLY be able to work alongside an incredible Latin American cast and director!" 

Vergara snapped a selfie with one of her co-stars Paulina Davila in mid-February. She included two photos that are much older. In her caption, Vergara wrote, "This is us almost 30 yrs later and now working together!" Recently, the mother-of-one also shared a bare-faced selfie that set social media alight. 

Sofia Vergara's makeup-free selfie caught fans' attention

Most fans are familiar with Sofia Vergara's larger-than-life brand. Vergara's face beat has always been on fleek, although she can rock any look. However, the polished makeup and skintight clothing look are synonymous with her "Modern Family" character Gloria Delgado-Pritchett, and that's how most fans know the star. But, it seems as if there's another side to Joe Manganiello's wife.

Vergara took to social media and shared an Instagram Story,where she showed what life is like behind-the-scenes of "Griselda." She wrote (via Daily Mail), "Back on the chair for the 2 hour transformation but it's friday!! #griselda." In the selfie, Vergara was dewy-faced and without makeup as she waited for the makeup artists to do their thing. Vergara looked at the camera while reclining in a chair, and allowed her hair to spill around over her shoulders and back. Her toned-down look included a fluffy gown. 

Fans loved the look and flooded social media with their comments. One said, "she's much prettier with not that much make up. Aaaaahhh!!! Sofiaaaa [crying emoji]." Another commented, "Natural look suits her well." While Vergara could certainly post more natural selfies, we do know one thing. Whether Vergara goes without makeup or whether she's all glowed up, she's one hot mama!