The Joke Donald Trump Just Made About Barron Has Everyone Cringing

Donald Trump is no stranger to showing off his, erm, acquired taste sense of humor. The former president has repeatedly come under fire for some divisive jokes he's made in the public eye, with many of them being made about his own family members.

Of course, there was that infamous appearance on "The View" back in 2006 when Donald chatted to the hosts alongside his daughter, Ivanka Trump, and made some pretty awkward remarks about her appearance. In a moment that will likely go down as one of Donald's most infamous, he was asked how he would feel if Ivanka posed for Playboy, to which he quipped, "I don't think Ivanka would do that, although she does have a very nice figure. I've said if Ivanka weren't my daughter, perhaps I'd be dating her." 

A rep for Donald later attempted to simmer down all the speculation over the bizarre moment, telling Associated Press (via Today) that "The Apprentice" star "was absolutely joking" and claimed it was his attempt at "making fun of himself for his tendency to date younger women." They added, "It's a sense of humor that people don't see [from him] all the time."

It goes without saying that Donald has found himself in some serious hot water for his controversial jokes multiple times since then, though it's actually another of his children who's on the other end of things this time. Paging, Barron Trump.

Barron Trump's cyber skills

Donald Trump made a somewhat unnerving joke about his son, Barron Trump, on February 26 when he praised his computer skills. Speaking during the CPAC event in Orlando, Florida, Donald exclaimed of the son he shares with wife Melania Trump, "I have a young son, Barron. He can make his computer sing," and proudly told his supporters that Barron can easily hack into his computer equipment. 

The former president then went on, "I turn it off and I lock it, two minutes later, 'Hi Dad, how you doing?' I say, 'What are you doing?' 'I know how to get it open Dad.'"

The (apparent) joke understandably didn't sit too well with everyone, as it's likely Donald may have sensitive information in his computer that shouldn't be accessed by the teenager — as well as the fact that accessing another's computer without their permission is legally contentious.

Many discussed the admission on social media, with some joking Donald may not have the toughest precautions in place to protect his computer to begin with. "When your password is '1234' it's no [mean] feat..." one person quipped, while another joked, "Good job, Barron! Although, hacking 'password' isn't really tough."

Notably, Donald has been subject to several cyberattacks before, including the BBC reporting that his Twitter account was breached in 2020 after a hacker claimed they were granted access to Trump's since deleted account after guessing his password. Twitter denied the hacking.