Love After Lockup's Indie Treadwell On What You Wouldn't Expect Dating An Inmate - Exclusive

Dating an inmate may seem like something out of the movies, but as WE tv's "Love After Lockup" shows us, it's not quite as simple as it's sometimes portrayed. The reality series follows real-life couples who met while one of them was behind bars, documenting how their relationship fares now that they can be together. With that juicy of a premise, there's sure to be plenty of drama when Season 4 premieres on March 4, but no one's doing quite as well as Indie Treadwell and her beau Harry, who appeared on "Love During Lockup" earlier this year.

As Indie told Nicki Swift in an exclusive interview, "a lot definitely happened" for the couple since audiences last heard from them, and she proved all her doubters wrong by meeting Harry at the prison gate to bring him home. This might be just the start of the next chapter together, but Treadwell is hopeful that by sharing their blossoming romance on screen, audiences are able to learn a thing or two — and perhaps even relate. "I think the biggest thing for me is I just [want] to showcase our love," she explained. "Every relationship is up and down, but I just want to showcase the positivity of our relationship, because you can have one, even though they're in prison."

For Indie and Harry, 'the connection is stronger'

In a typical relationship, your first date may be at a restaurant or a bar or the movie theater, but for Indie and Harry, it was over the phone while he was behind bars. Because it's such a unique dating experience with few external factors getting in the way, "You have nothing but time to talk," Treadwell told us, and she thinks people would be surprised to find out that you can "make real connections" while dating someone in jail.

"You are creating genuine connection because you're talking about deep stuff, like childhood traumas," she said, explaining that while sometimes it's just "jail talk" and casual conversation, their uncommon forced method of communication helped them get past the small talk. "You're getting, like, to the root of things and that creates real bonds when you're talking about your life," she said. Because Harry had all the time in the world, they were also "talking 24/7," which is different compared to "the real world" when you may only be speaking to each other on dates "on the weekends or every other weekend."

Although their love story is definitely unconventional and we'll have to wait and see where Season 4 takes them, Indie's love for her man is unshakeable. "If anything, I feel like the connection is stronger," she said.

The season premiere of "Love After Lockup" airs Friday, March 4 at 9 p.m. ET on WE tv.