Who Is Carl Radke's Friend Mackenzie On Summer House?

Carl Radke has been known as a bit of a loverboy on "Summer House" –- and it has nothing to do with the canned cocktail company he works for. From the show's very first season, the Loverboy VP of sales has had a bevy of hookups, often with his female roommates in the Hamptons party house. Over the first six seasons of the Bravo reality show, Carl has had flings with Season 1 roomie Lauren Wirkus, current co-stars Danielle Olivera and Paige DeSorbo, and been in a friend-with-benefits situation with Lindsay Hubbard, which later turned into a full-blown relationship.

On the most recent season of "Summer House," which was filmed before Carl and Lindsay made things official, the Bravo star said he formed a bond with a new friend named Mackenzie. In a Season 6 episode, Carl revealed that he was "talking" to a new girl and was interested in pursuing things with her. The newly sober reality star also noted that he had never before pursued a serious relationship without being on drugs or alcohol, per Distractify. Carl later met up with Mackenzie for mocktails, and it was then that some fans realized they'd seen the pretty blonde somewhere before.

Carl Radke's friend Mackenzie has a reality TV past

On "Summer House" Season 6, Carl Radke gave fans his best reality TV crossover since hooking up with "Vanderpump Rules" star Scheana Shay a few years back. Eagle-eyed viewers realized that Carl's friend Mackenzie was actually Mackenzie Dipman, a former cast member from the reality show "Love Island." Mackenzie appeared on the second season of the CBS dating show and did indeed find love — at least temporarily.

Mackenzie is a former pageant queen who previously competed at the Miss Arizona USA & Teen USA pageants, according to Pageant Planet. The Arizona-based beauty also has her own clothing brand called Out of His League.  And — red flag alert? — she also usually only dates men who are "millionaires," according to her CBS bio. Perhaps Carl didn't make the cut for that criteria, because the relationship obviously didn't work out. Sometime before "Summer House" Season 6 wrapped, Mackenzie was out and Lindsay and Carl rekindled their romance, according to Entertainment Tonight.

Mackenzie Dipman ended her Love Island relationship not long before Summer House

Mackenzie Dipman left "Love Island" still single, but her love interest Connor Trott hit her up on FaceTime to see if they could give things a try off-camera. It worked for a little while, but by March 2021, the two split for good. In a joint statement posted on their Instagram stories, the reality TV couple explained their decision to part ways. "We are both young and in the early stages of careers, and sadly those careers are keeping us in two different places," they wrote at the time, via Entertainment Tonight. "One of us is in Pittsburgh and the other is in Tucson, and neither of us will be able to move anytime in the near future." After noting that they made career commitments in "cities that are over 2,000 miles apart," Mackenzie and Connor assured fans that their decision to split was not an easy one and those they would be "forever be grateful that 'Love Island' brought us together."

By June 2021, Mackenzie was spotted out with "Summer House" veteran Carl Radke, and she also filmed scenes with him for the Bravo reality show during the summer of 2021. In a Reddit thread at the time, fans commented on the resemblance between Connor and Carl, and noted that they are both from Pittsburgh. Clearly, Mackenzie has a thing for love in the spotlight!