William And Kate Show How Sweet Their Relationship Really Is

Prince Harry and Kate Middleton have been successfully fulfilling their role as one of Britain's most prominent couples since April 2011, when they tied the knot at Westminster Abbey. In the past few decades, the British royal family has seen plenty of marriages end in scandalous ways, including Queen Elizabeth's own three children's in 1992, according to Hello! magazine. While the new generation of royal marriages are still going strong, Prince Harry and Meghan Markle broke with tradition in a major way when they exited the royal family and moved to the U.S. in early 2020, thus drawing plenty of negative attention from royalists and fans alike.

In this context, William and Kate's relationship with each other and with the public is a breath of fresh air in the eyes of many, with social media users often praising their class and grace in light of drama. "Congrats for being classy in dedicating a post to the Duchess when you usually get just a sentence in return," one said on Twitter when the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge wished Meghan a happy birthday in August.

William and Kate are known for their professional posture when they attend events as senior members of the royal family, avoiding excessive PDA moments as royal protocol dictates, the Mirror noted. They do, however, occasionally let their guards down and let  special moments slip that illustrate their dynamics as a couple. During a recent event, Kate and William proved just how sweet and playful they really are.

Kate Middleton teased Prince William about his tree-planting skills

Prince William and Kate Middleton traveled to Wales on March 1 to take part in a ceremony for The Queen's Green Canopy initiative, and the Duchess of Cambridge couldn't help but tease her husband over his tree-planting skills, People reported. "William, you've missed a bit!" Kate joked, pointing to a spot on the ground as William shoveled dirt around the plant. But this isn't William's first rodeo, as Head Forester of the Duchy of Cornwall Geraint Richards made clear. "I think you have done this before, Sir," referencing William's experience in such ceremonies. "Once or twice, Geraint," William quipped. Kate also had her turn working the shovel, showing she has both gardening skills and sass.

This also isn't the first time William and Kate let formalities aside from brief moments. Early on in their marriage, the Cambridges flaunted their wizarding skills in a Harry Potter-inspired wand battle during a visit to the Warner Bros. studio in 2013, The Telegraph reported. William even impressed the young crowd when he conjured, "Expelliarmus," showing his knowledge of spells. 

In 2017, Kate and William faced off again, this time armed with nothing but their bare hands. During a visit to the German city of Heidelberg, the royal couple was challenged by a local baker to show their culinary skills during a pretzel-making class, Hello! magazine reported. "This type of pretzel is a specialty for the region so we wanted to show them that," the baker said.