Breana Symone And Karen Larrea Reveal The Most Awkward Moment Of HBO's My Mom, Your Dad - Exclusive

Who knew the ultimate wing woman was your college-aged daughter? That's the premise of HBO's "My Mom, Your Dad," a new reality dating series that dives into the often-overlooked world of dating over 40. In some ways, it's similar to "Bachelor in Paradise" — a group of previously divorced parents move into a house in hopes of finding romance with another castmate. The twist is that their adult children are watching from another room — and sometimes even helping them along through various challenges. Needless to say, it's not short on awkward moments. The secondhand cringe from watching parents make out in front of their kids is very potent, and that's part of what makes the series so addictive.

When Breana Symone nominated her mother Karen Larrea for the show, she had no idea that she'd be forced to watch the most intimate moments of her relationship with Troy Petrick unfold in real-time.  "It was is very crazy," Breana tells Nicki Swift. "I'm just thinking back to that moment when we were told, and we were just like, 'So how much are we going to be watching them though? Are we going to be watching them 24/7? Are we going to watching them on our third dates?'"

So, what was the worst part? In this exclusive interview with Nicki Swift, the mother-daughter duo tell all.

Talks about 'favorite sex positions' and 'sex toys' made Breana cringe

Breana ended up seeing a lot of her mother on the series — some of which she wished she could unsee. The worst of it? When the conversation shifted towards the bedroom. "There were talks about the parents' favorite sex positions. There were some sex toys that were brought up," she says. "It was just so uncomfortable, and I remember taking out my head. I was like, 'No, no, no, no. I don't need to hear my mom's answer.'"

Karen was just as shocked when she found out Breana had been watching. Leave it to the producers to stage a dramatic reveal. "Literally just started going through everything in my head that I said, and I did, and every romantic encounter," Karen says. "I was like, 'Oh my God, my daughter saw all this.' We have our mom hat on, or our parent hat on. You tend to act, not that you're a different person, but you tend to act differently with your children. You interact differently with romantic encounters. It was a little bit shocking."

Despite the cringe factor, Breana insists that watching her mom date — including the uncomfortable parts — strengthened their bond. "Watching your mom actually date definitely opens up the conversation way more than we ever thought we needed to," she says. "I think that really just brought us closer together."

You can catch Breana and Karen on "My Mom, Your Dad," currently streaming on HBO Max.