Emmy Rossum Is Unrecognizable In Her New TV Role

When it comes to onscreen transformations, some actors completely transform for their movie roles. Charlize Theron shocked fans when she appeared sans eyebrows in the 2003 film "Monster," and again as Megyn Kelly in 2019's "Bombshell." Actors like Heath Ledger and Johnny Depp were barely recognizable in their roles as the Joker and the Mad Hatter, respectively.

Now Emmy Rossum is joining the ranks as she is set to star as Los Angeles billboard icon Angelyne in an upcoming limited series. In a newly released trailer for the Peacock show, "Angelyne," the actor's metamorphic abilities are on full display.

The series, set to premiere on May 19, is based on a 2017 expose by The Hollywood Reporter that details Angelyne's rise to fame as a Hollywood socialite and marketing icon. Equipped with a pink Corvette and teased hair, Rossum's portrayal of the 1980s diva is so spot-on it's almost scary.

Emmy Rossum becomes Angelyne

According to Peacock (via TheWrap), the limited series — which stars Emmy Rossum alongside Martin Freeman and Alex Karpovsky — will chronicle Angelyne's journey from an unknown model to the "glow-in-the-dark queen of the universe." 

Angelyne became a Los Angeles cultural icon after a series of billboards showing the model (in often salacious poses) popped up around Southern California, catapulting the her into local stardom. The series, as showrunner Allison Miller said, will not be a "straight forward biopic," but will instead be inspired by Angelyne's life, per Entertainment Weekly. Rossum also revealed that she spent three years preparing for the gig. The former "Shameless" star explained her decision to take on the role as the controversial model and artist, whom she called "the original influencer." Rossum said, "I love Angelyne. She's as if Marilyn Monroe got into an easy bake oven with a 80s punk Barbie Doll, and a dose of new age spirituality."