The Truth About J.D. Scott And Annalee Belle's Relationship

Ever since Drew and Jonathan Scott burst onto our screens in 2011 with their W Network hit "Property Brothers," fans have become just as interested in their love lives as their ability to buy and renovate neglected houses. And that goes for their older brother, too! Yes, J.D. Scott has been a regular on his siblings' shows, appearing as the referee on the aptly-titled "Brother vs. Brother" and showing he's also a keen handyman with several cameos on their biggest hit.

Of course, we know that Drew has been with Linda Phan for most of his high-profile career — you may remember the pair even had their own TLC special, "Linda and Drew Say I Do." We also know that Jonathan has gone through a divorce, had a two-year relationship with a radio producer, and is now dating none other than "New Girl" star Zooey Deschanel.

However, we know much less about J.D.'s marriage to Annalee Belle. From spooky engagements to singing careers, here's a look at the loved-up pair's truth.

The pair got engaged on Halloween

J.D. Scott and Annalee Belle obviously like to do things differently. The pair got engaged in 2018 on a public holiday, but it wasn't the romantic one you're thinking of. Yes, instead of popping the question on Valentine's Day, Drew and Jonathan's older sibling got down on one knee on Halloween.

Luckily, Belle was still overjoyed at having to share her big day with a whole load of jack-o'-lanterns and trick or treaters, although she took a while to express that to the world. In fact, the makeup artist waited a whole month before revealing on Instagram that she was a bride-to-be.

Belle told her followers, "When I think about how much [Scott] inspires me to be better every day, I can't help but cheese it up! He's been the most encouraging, supportive, helpful and determined friend I've ever had. Even before we were in a relationship, he saw me for who I was deep inside my soul — that sweet girl from Amarillo, Texas instead of what I looked like online — probably some party hardy wild child at the time."

They had a vintage movie theater-themed wedding

A year after getting engaged on Halloween, J.D. Scott and Annalee Belle also walked down the aisle on the spookiest of public holidays. Which explains why in their wedding photos there's barely a traditional suit in sight. Yes, in 2019, the couple got hitched at a private Las Vegas property in a ceremony that took its cue from the movie theaters of the post-war era, as reported by People.

Alongside a retro sweet stall, there was a photo trailer, absinthe fountain lounge, and even a performance by synchronized swimmers, while the 180 guests, all encouraged to wear costumes, were treated to a dinner of hot dogs, nachos, and pretzels. And as you'd expect, the bride made quite the unique entrance, wearing a "perfect mix of classy, sexy, fierce, feminine, dreamy and daring" while riding a Belgian horse with the name of Zena. Scott, meanwhile, was carried on a throne by his groomsmen, all of whom were kitted out in "Mortal Kombat"-inspired gear, per People.

Belle had previously explained on Instagram why she opted for such a non-traditional affair: "At some point in my 20s, I decided that if I was going to have a wedding I wanted it to either be a backyard shindig or AN EVENT. We've decided to combine both ideas for something really ... well, marvelous!"

They both have interesting backgrounds

In 2017, a throwback photo of an emo-haired J.D. Scott alongside his famous siblings, Drew and Jonathan Scott, got a lot of attention on Twitter after being unearthed by a BuzzFeed writer. And several social media users commented on how much the Canadian resembled everyone from Gerard Way and Pete Wentz to "American Idol" runner-up Adam Lambert. Remarkably, it turns out that the latter was J.D.'s intention.

Yes, before following in the footsteps of his "Property Brothers" siblings and becoming an HGTV regular, J.D. used to make a living impersonating several pop stars, including Lambert and none other than the late, great David Bowie. You can see just how closely he resembles the former in a video uploaded to his Facebook account in which he duets with a Pink tribute act at Las Vegas' Imperial Palace. If that wasn't enough, J.D. also used to perform as part of an improv group named Loose Moose and a sketch comedy troupe dubbed YFG, per his bio on the Scott Brothers website.

J.D.'s wife, Annalee Belle, has an even more interesting before-they-were-famous background. According to Radar Online, the makeup artist appeared in several productions from PKF Studios, a company specializing in films geared toward the fetish market. 

Their home was transformed on Property Brothers

It sure pays to have two brothers with their very own hit home renovation show. In 2019, Drew and Jonathan Scott kept things in the family for a "Property Brothers: Forever Home" episode which focused on the three-bedroom Las Vegas property that their older sibling J.D. Scott shared with then-fiancée Annalee Belle.

You could say that the pair had quite the task to please both parties. While J.D. is into darker colors, Annalee has a style that Drew labeled "rainbow bubble gum." But luckily, their handiwork, which included layering the living room wall with black foam-padded bricks, adding a blue velvet sofa, and tiling the sunroom floor and ceiling with geometric patterns, got the couple's seal of approval. Jonathan explained how they merged Annalee and J.D.'s tastes to create a cohesive design. "Dark finishes are enhanced with pops of color and soft textures, creating the ultimate combination of funk and cozy," he said in an HGTV video.

J.D. was close to tears when he eventually saw the makeover, telling his brothers (via Closer Weekly), "It doesn't seem like the same place. It seems like we wandered into someone else's house." The ex-celebrity impersonator was undoubtedly appreciative of their efforts, but that didn't stop him from throwing some shade in their direction in an interview with HGTV. Referring to his own DIY skills, J.D. said, "They made fun of various home projects that took me a while to finish, but I wasn't using a full crew like some people I know."

Annalee Belle has helped J.D. Scott cope with a mysterious illness

In July 2019, J.D. Scott revealed on Instagram that he'd been battling a mysterious illness for more than a year, one which he believed could be a threat to his life. Just two months later, the former celebrity impersonator returned to social media to update fans on his situation and give thanks to the person who'd supported him throughout his ordeal.

Scott explained that medical professionals were a lot closer to giving him an official prognosis than ever before. Indeed, a GI infection and a blend of mercury poisoning and fluoroquinolone toxicity were said to be the most likely cause of his previous hospitalization, and as a result, the Canadian was put on a special diet and medication plan.

In another Instagram post, Scott praised his wife for helping him both on a personal and professional level during such a difficult time. He wrote, "I see you. Tired and anxious but determined. Getting up earlier than you should to give yourself that brief workout that helps get you through the day. Going to bed much later than you need to finish just one more thing from the list that never ends ... The life that you have chosen to keep that is not always what you saw for yourself in the past. I see that you are carrying the weight of us both and for that you are my hero. I love you."

J.D. Scott took Annalee Belle's last name

You might still know him as J.D. Scott. But the elder sibling of "Property Brothers" stars Drew and Jonathan is now legally named J.D. Dunn Scott. Yes, in a move in keeping with their unorthodox, vintage movie theatre-themed wedding in 2019, the former celebrity impersonator decided to take his wife Annalee Belle's family name of Dunn when he said "I do."

It was an unexpected gesture that left the bride completely bowled over, as she explained in the caption of a picture of the big day she uploaded to Instagram. Belle wrote, "This gem of a human, [J.D. Scott] has taken my last name as well since I am taking his. I had no idea he could blow me away even more than he already has, but he did. When he told me he was going to add Dunn, I couldn't hold back tears."

Although Belle herself dropped the Dunn name in her professional life, she remains proud of where she came from. She added, "So few men would do something so untraditional, but J.D. knows how important my family is to me as well as not giving up my identity."

J.D. Scott looks to a younger brother for marriage guidance

While one half of the Property Brothers, Jonathan Scott, is a divorcee, having split from first wife, Kelsy Ully, in 2009, the other, Drew Scott, has been happily wed to Linda Phan since 2018. Unsurprisingly, it's the latter sibling that the eldest of the Scotts takes marriage inspiration from.

Yes, shortly before walking down the aisle with Annalee Belle in 2019, J.D. Scott told Us Weekly that he remains in awe of Drew and Linda's relationship. He said, "[They] have been the perfect couple when it comes to synergizing work life and personal life. They've worked together for years and years and years, are so immersed in each other's business, and I know that a lot of couples can't do that."

Linda, who first got together with Drew in 2010 at Toronto Fashion Week, is also Scott Entertainment Brothers' Creative Director. And J.D. believes that he and Annalee, who's served as a makeup artist on several of the Scotts' shows, are also making a similar setup work: "A lot of couples kind of get at each other's throats when they work together, so I love the idea of having a partner that I can not only spend my free time with, but I can also dive into work with, and that is the case with Annalee."

They're happy to share their feelings

In 2020, J.D. Scott proved once again that he's a true romantic when he penned a heartfelt love letter to wife Annalee Belle to celebrate their one-year anniversary. Of course, this being the social media era and all, the Canadian also felt compelled to share his personal words with the general public, too.

Yes, Scott uploaded his note to Instagram, in which he thanked Belle for everything, described her as a "beautiful spirit," and expressed his gratitude for her love. He added, "Every day I can feel your devotion which feeds and fills my heart. Your soul is so brilliant that it makes me want to believe in a divinity with purpose and compassion. A universe where every moment, decision and path brings two parts of one bright light together at last." The former celebrity impersonator also addressed the "unprecedented hardships" that the world has faced during their first year as husband and wife before claiming that "not even the darkest night could put its cold hand on our love." Who knew that Scott was such a poet? 

Belle marked the marriage milestone with an Instagram post of her own, calling her husband "an incredible, beautiful person" and sharing some video footage from their wedding. 

They enjoy cosplay

As proven by the fact that they asked all their wedding guests to arrive in the costumes of their choice, Annalee Belle and J.D. Scott quite enjoy dressing up. In fact, in 2017, the pair donned a whole host of fancy dress outfits for a calendar celebrating some of the most iconic duos in pop culture history.

The year previously, Scott had released his first calendar, which featured photos taken by his then-girlfriend. But Belle obviously wanted some of the spotlight too, as its follow-up featured the couple impersonating everyone from Popeye and Olive Oyl to "The X-Files" favorites Mulder and Scully, not forgetting "Star Wars" icons Princess Leia and Luke Skywalker.

But perhaps the most eye-catching impression was that of Mattel's finest, Barbie and Ken. Belle appeared to go fully naked for this particular shot, while Scott sported a pair of skimpy pink speedos. When asked on Twitter why he hadn't posed in his birthday suit like his partner in crime, the Canadian cheekily replied, "Gotta leave something to the imagination."

They have the Property Brothers' seal of approval

Although he's not a twin like Jonathan and Drew Scott, elder sibling J.D. Scott is still extremely close to the HGTV network stars. And luckily, the Property Brothers appear to be fully on board with his choice of life partner.

After hearing the news about J.D.'s engagement to Annalee Belle in 2019, Drew congratulated the pair on Instagram, writing, "You are two of the most loving people I know and can't wait to watch you walk down the aisle." And just a few months earlier, Drew and Jonathan had shown the couple just how much they appreciate them by treating them to a makeover of the three-bedroom property they share in Las Vegas.

Drew later admitted to The Canadian Press [via CityNews Toronto] that the whole experience was a highly emotional one: "[J.D.] is a busy guy and he's never really been able to fully commit to transforming his space, and it's also felt like a bachelor pad for many years. Now he's engaged and he and his soon-to-be wife are going to be living in the house and we wanted to make sure it had a bit of both of their personalities in it."

They fancy themselves social media influencers

Does anything in the world of influencers confirm just how committed a relationship is stronger than a shared Instagram page? Yes, as well as having their own profiles on the photo-sharing platform, husband and wife J.D. Scott and Annalee Belle also run a joint account under the cutesy name of pinkyandproppy.

And they both seem keen to help their followers become social media stars, too. Their bio reveals that the happily married couple offer both classes and lectures on the subject. Although interestingly, their follower count of just over 5,000 is significantly lower than those of their individual accounts.

But who is the most popular? Well, former celebrity impersonator Scott has 205,000 at the time of this writing, while makeup artist Belle, who also has her own YouTube beauty channel, has a whopping 317,000. Of course, these numbers still pale in comparison to those of their more famous family members. Indeed, both Jonathan and Drew Scott have amassed 2.4 million followers each, while the home renovating team's shared "Property Brothers" account has close to 2 million.

The dark side of the couple's social media experience

In 2020, former celebrity impersonator J.D. Scott discovered that he too was now being impersonated but in a way far more nefarious than simply singing on stage. On Instagram, the Canadian told his social media followers that a Facebook imposter was using J.D.'s photos and personal info to possibly dupe fans into giving the fraudster money. He's also had to clap back at critics on social media, including one Twitter user who criticized his family's reality TV careers and snidely asked if he was related to Jonathan and Drew Scott. "Yeah dude, I'm one of the brothers. Says it right on my page, not that you take the time to think out any of this stuff," he wrote.

Annalee Belle has faced her own struggles on social media. She announced that she was taking a break from Instagram in January 2022, sadly revealing that some of her husband's fans were partly to blame for the decision. She told her followers that she loved using social media as a form of self-expression until she "started getting hateful comments from JD's followers" not long after they began dating. "I'd never received hate online before that," she wrote, adding that she even began to struggle with thoughts of self-harm. But she assured her fans, "I got myself into this, and I will get myself out of it," and she said she would remain active on Patreon.

If you or someone you know is struggling with mental health, please contact the Crisis Text Line by texting HOME to 741741, call the National Alliance on Mental Illness helpline at 1-800-950-NAMI (6264), or visit the National Institute of Mental Health website.

They had a short engagement for a reason

J.D. Scott and Annalee Belle said "I do" a year to the day that they first got engaged. And it turns out that there was a rather somber reason they got married so quickly. The groom once feared that he wouldn't live long enough to make it down the aisle.

Indeed, after being struck down by a mystery illness that left him suffering from symptoms including memory issues, a feeling of pressure in his head, and a serious heat sensitivity that sometimes made him pass out (per Instagram), Scott asked Belle whether they could become husband and wife within a year. The Canadian told Us Weekly, "I had a few times where there was just this overwhelming sense of dread that I knew something bad was coming, and I felt like I was kind of nearing the end, but I think overall with having to accept that what I had done in my life might be my legacy."

Luckily, Scott managed to get his condition under control with medication and an elimination diet, per Facebook. But he doesn't have any regrets about bringing the big day forward, particularly for the fact that he could embrace his preferred public holiday, too: "Halloween's more of my thing. It's always been my favorite time of year. I like getting dressed up. I love the whole feel of Halloween."

Annalee Belle had no intention of getting married

Annalee Belle sure looked on top of the world when boyfriend J.D. Scott asked for her hand in marriage on Halloween in 2018. But had the makeup artist been proposed to on the more traditional proposal-friendly holiday of Valentine's Day, then her reaction might have been very different.

In an Instagram post that captured the moment Scott got down on one knee, Belle admitted, "I had no real desire to get married until a couple months ago, so it's not like J.D. was scared or whatever people assume. He was just waiting for me." Luckily, the beauty YouTuber was ready for a lifelong commitment by the time her other half plucked up the courage to pop the question, and she approved of how he did it, too, describing it as both "outrageous" and "one of a kind."

Scott may have meticulously planned the proposal and the wedding, but like his bride, he left his actual vows to the last possible minute. In an interview with Hollywood Life, the Canadian revealed he only penned them on the morning of the big day. And Belle wasn't that much more prepared, either, having written them the previous night. She said, "It just came to me all at once. I didn't even really have to correct anything." Sounds like they were truly meant to be.