Who Is The Property Brothers' Other Brother, J.D. Scott?

Twin siblings Jonathan and Drew Scott rose to fame as the stars of HGTV's hit series Property Brothers. The success of that show catapulted the brothers onto further fame at the network, leading them to spin their particular brand of DIY magic into various other series, including "Property Brothers at Home," "Buying and Selling," Brother vs. Brother," and the feel-good "Celebrity IOU." Meanwhile, those who are truly Scott Bros fanatics are probably also aware of their now-defunct hour-long radio show, "Off Topic with the Scott Brothers," their Scott Brothers Entertainment YouTube channel, and the "At Home with Linda & Drew Scott" podcast, which the spouses co-host.

Even "Property Brothers" viewers who have watched some of those shows, YouTube videos, and podcasts may not be aware that Drew and Jonathan aren't the only brothers in the Scott family — that's right, there is a third brother. His name is JD Scott and he's the HGTV stars' older brother.

But why don't we often hear from him — or, at the very least, get to see him gleefully swing a sledgehammer through some outdated kitchen cabinetry on one of his little brothers' umpteen home-renovation shows? The truth is that while JD is associated with his brothers' business, he's more of a solo act, with a lot of his own stuff going on. To get the scoop on this mysterious Scott sibling, read on to find out all about the Property Brothers' other brother, JD Scott.

JD Scott was a celebrity impersonator

The other Property Brothers brother didn't always spend his time in the background of HGTV. Born in 1976, JD Scott struck out on his own by leaving his native Canada for Las Vegas with dreams of making his mark as an entertainer. In fact, Scott proved to have a knack for impersonating celebrities, a skill he honed at the famed Caesar's Palace. 

Scott, however, didn't ply his trade on a stage but at the blackjack table. That's because, from 2010 until 2012, he worked at Caesar's as a "dealertainer," a combination of Blackjack dealer and celebrity impersonator. According to his LinkedIn account, Scott would typically perform four to five times a day as either David Bowie or Adam Lambert — and probably would have been a shoo-in for a My Chemical Romance impersonation if the Black Parade had come through Vegas during that time.

Thankfully, Scott managed to maintain the necessary sense of humor required to willingly dress up and pretend to be Adam Lambert each day; not only was he a founding member of YFG, a sketch comedy troupe in his native Canada, but he has also performed with the Loose Moose improv group.

He put down roots in Las Vegas

It's common knowledge that all three of the Scott brothers hail from Vancouver, on the west coast of Canada. However, the "Property Brothers" stars have long called Las Vegas home, as has older bro JD Scott. There was a time when Jonathan and Drew lived together in a home they shared with Drew's wife Linda Phan eventually joined them. Meanwhile, JD also lived in Vegas — but in his own place, not far from his brothers. Their parents often visited, which made life a lot easier because all three of their kids lived in the same city.

Although Jonathan and Drew's 5,400-square-foot Vegas mansion allowed them to be close to JD, the "Property Brothers" stars didn't actually spend that much time there. According to a 2014 New York Times profile (which, to be fair, gave JD short shrift by only mentioning him in one sentence), the duo's schedules were so busy that Drew only spent about three weeks of each year there. 

While JD continued to reside in Vegas, his brothers did not. After Drew and Linda tied the knot, they moved into their own abode in  Los Angeles. Similarly, Jonathan also went on to spend most of his time in Los Angeles, living with his girlfriend and "New Girl" star Zooey Deschanel in a stunning 1938 Georgian-style home that the couple spent two years renovating.

He tied the knot in a wild Halloween wedding

While his brothers are in committed relationships — Jonathan Scott with Zoeey Deschanel, Drew Scott with wife Linda, whom he wed in 2018 — JD Scott has likewise been in a long-term relationship with model and professional makeup artist Annalee Belle. The couple took their relationship to the next level in 2018, when JD popped the question — on Halloween no less. Belle revealed they'd gotten engaged in an Instagram post a few weeks later. "I had no real desire to get married until a couple months ago, so it's not like JD was scared or whatever people assume," Belle wrote in the caption, accompanying a photo of herself looking stunned and surprised while JD was down on one knee to propose. "He was just waiting for me. And omg ... the proposal was OUTRAGEOUS!" she added.

Both JD and his fiancée subsequently appeared on "Property Brothers: Forever Home," in a special episode in which the twins transformed his Vegas bachelor pad into a more family-friendly place, thanks to one of their signature makeovers. 

Exactly one year after the proposal, on Halloween 2019, the couple walked down the aisle. As People reported, the bride arrived on horseback, with the 180 guests all costumed as their favorite film characters. To complete the theme, the groomsmen — which, naturally, included his brothers — dressed up like characters from the video game "Mortal Kombat."

He experienced a mysterious health scare

In 2018, JD Scott began to experience a health issue that he hadn't seen coming. As he explained in an interview with People, he'd been struggling with a debilitating and mysterious illness. At first, it started slowly. "It began with a type of brain fog that would set in from time to time which made things just a little hazy," he said. "Not enough that I couldn't function, but enough to be annoying." Scott was concerned enough that he saw a neurologist, who ran a battery of tests on him and concluded that he was suffering from allergies.

That, however, wasn't the case. After he returned home from celebrating the wedding of brother Drew Scott, he began experiencing symptoms that led him to believe he was suffering a heart attack. "Constricted chest, numbness in one arm, rapid pulse, pressure in my head, and this strange crawling sensation in my skull," he recalled.

He quickly decided he needed to go to a hospital. Suddenly confronted with his own mortality, Scott also realized that he hadn't left any directions for his future wife, Annalee, about how to handle things in the event of the worst-case scenario. "I took some time to write out detailed instructions for what to do in case I died that night," he said. Upon examination, doctors determined there was nothing wrong with his heart — but they remained mystified by the specific cause for those frightening symptoms. 

He spent a full year focusing on his health

The symptoms that JD Scott experienced, which initially led him to conclude he was going into cardiac arrest, didn't go away. In fact, he told People, he continued to undergo tests, which continued to yield no solid diagnosis to explain what was causing those debilitating symptoms. "There has been a rheumatologist, a radiologist, three neurologists, a neurosurgeon, an ophthalmologist, countless vials of blood, a half dozen MRIs, an MRA, an EEG, and during one blood draw they took 25 vials on that day alone," he said, revealing he would randomly pass out, sometimes for hours on end. "There were many moments that felt like the end of the line," he admitted. 

With no answers and nowhere else to turn, Scott visited Dr. Scott Jacobson, a practitioner of both western and holistic medicine. The physician ran some tests that detected an infection that impacted Scott much like an autoimmune disease, sending his antibody levels sky high.

Scott was instructed to take antibiotics to treat the infection. He was also told to adhere to a strict diet, avoiding wheat, dairy, soy, gluten, and sugar. That did the trick; within a week of undertaking that regime, Scott could feel his health improving. "I'm not ignorant enough to say I'm cured, but certainly that this form of treatment is having very good results," he said.

J.D. Scott was at the center of his own online series

While "Property Brothers" stars Drew and Jonathan Scott are significantly better known than their older brother, JD Scott has maintained a major presence in their onscreen ventures. In fact, between 2012 and 2014, he served as creative director for their company, Scott Brothers Entertainment. Among his many duties in that role, JD hosted the "Off Topic with the Scott Brothers" radio show, steered the company's social media, and appeared onscreen in various digital content. Among that content was the HGTV web series "Can I Come In?: Las Vegas," in which JD led viewers on guided tours through some of Sin City's most unique homes. 

Of course, JD has also appeared on HGTV itself, including numerous episodes of "Property Brothers at Home," in addition to "Brother vs. Brother," hosting behind-the-scenes online content for the latter. Behind-the-scenes hosting for HGTV, in fact, has become JD's bread and butter, given that he's also reported from the sets of some of the network's other hit shows, including "Love It Or List It," "Fixer Upper," and "Income Property." 

In addition to all that, he was also the creative director of the series HGTV series "Toddler vs. Toddler," which featured the "Property Brothers" twins hosting renovation challenges for children who were competing against each other — according to IMDb — for the "ultimate prize" of 50,000 gummy bears. 

He's devoted his time and effort to charitable causes

Another aspect of JD Scott's personality has been his tendency to give back, and his emphasis on donating his time and his money to charity over the years has not gone unnoticed. Scott's philanthropy has been recognized in his adopted hometown of Las Vegas, where MyVegas Magazine named him one of its Top 100 Men of Success in 2014 for the difference that he's made in the city. While his brothers are also honored separately, Scott was lauded for his role as a Global Ambassador for World Vision.

Scott has long been active with World Vision and its fight to eradicate child poverty. In 2013, he joined his brothers to meet children in Delhi, India who were participating in World Vision's "Rights on the Streets" project that provided educational, vocational, and nutritional training to approximately 5,000 children living on the streets of Delhi. In 2015, Scott was among the participants in the Kili Climb 4 Kids event, visiting famed Mount Kilimanjaro to embark on a nine-day climb to raise awareness about child slavery throughout the world. During that trip, Scott visited various areas of Tanzania to participate in programs to empower young girls.

He's become a social media superstar

While it shouldn't be surprising, given that he managed the social media efforts of Scott Brothers Entertainment, JD Scott has become something of a social media maven himself. That's clear from the fact that he has not one, but two different Instagram accounts: one for himself — which has amassed nearly 200,000 followers and counting — in addition to a joint account that he shares with his wife Annalee Belle.

As for what he posts, Scott enjoys sharing glimpses of his everyday life with his followers, and they're pretty darn charming. Whether he's making fun of himself in an issue of Us Weekly, or pulling at his followers' heartstrings by showing us the weird, adorable love he shares with Belle, the two are no slouches when it comes to the art of providing compelling social media content. Meanwhile, Scott has also made quite an impression on Facebook, where — as of March 2024, at least — he boasted more than 200,000 followers.

He opened up his life even further to fans who kicked in to his Patreon account

JD Scott has never been shy about showcasing his life with wife Annabelle Lee to his thousands of social media followers. However, his fans may be interested to know that there was once another level of access, one that brought them even closer to Scott than mere social media. That took place through the magic of Patreon, in which digital creators offer special content directly to fans who pay a subscription fee.

Scott's Patreon account allowed fans to buy access to private Periscope chats, exclusive videos, behind-the-scenes blogs, and signed goodies — and even granted them an unofficial spot on his board of directors. Unfortunately, in 2020, Scott let his Patreon subscribers know he was suspending the account.

"It is after many months of inner debate and trying to force myself into patterns of creation that just aren't coming naturally right now that I have decided to suspend my Patreon page," he wrote, explaining that the pressure he felt to continually provide fresh content for Patreon had led him to procrastinate. Still, he was grateful for the experience. "I want to thank each and every one of you that has supported me on this site ... I can remember talking with Annalee at the worst point of my illness and saying that my Patrons had become one of the biggest emotional supports during that tough time," he wrote. As of March 2024, Scott had yet to reactivate the account.

He hilariously admitted to a 'dark and shameful secret'

Back in 2016, JD Scott had a confession to reveal. "Breaking News: HGTV host reveals dark and shameful secret," he wrote in the caption of a Facebook Live video in which he spilled that secret. "Dark and shameful," Scott mused near the beginning of the 41-minute video. "Like the stuff nightmares are made of."

As it turned out, Scott was playing a bit of a prank on fans, eventually sharing the revelation that he's a fan of Crash Test Dummies, the Canadian band that hit it big in the early 1990s with the quirky single "Mmm Mmm Mmm Mmm." 

Sporting a mischievous smirk, Scott explained his affinity for Crash Test Dummies. "That's my hidden gem of music," he said in the video, shortly after the two-minute, 30-second mark. "It makes me happy any time I hear it." As a bonus, he played the song, even singing along at points. "This is one of those bands that people make fun of, but every time I hear Crash Test Dummies it puts a smile on my face," he added.

He hosted a TV show about amusement parks

While it's not unfair to point out that JD Scott hasn't been nearly as successful as his brothers when it comes to television, he has experienced a certain degree of fame on the small screen. 

In fact, JD was the solo host — sans "Property Brothers" siblings Jonathan and Drew Scott — of "All-American Amusement Parks," a series that aired on the then-called Great American Country cable channel in 2014. Although only six episodes were produced, Scott clearly had a fun time shooting the show, in which he was seen chowing down on funnel cake, getting soaked on water slides, and riding some of America's most twisty-turny roller coasters. He also spoke with amusement park patrons, guided through each episode by a genuine park enthusiast.

"All-American Amusement Parks" isn't the only series that he hosted. In addition to that show, Scott also hosted 2015's "DIY Insider," a series on the DIY Network in which Scott went behind the scenes with the hosts of the network's biggest shows throughout 17 episodes.