Reasons We Never Hear About The Property Brothers' Other Brother

Jonathan and Drew Scott rose to fame as the stars of HGTV's reality show, Property Brothers. But they didn't stop there. The handsome and personable brothers spun their DIY magic into many other series, including Property Brothers at Home, Buying and Selling, and Brother vs. Brother. If you're truly a Scott bros fanatic, you're probably also aware of their hour-long radio show called Off Topic with the Scott Brothers

A topic we'd like to discuss? Something not every Property Brothers fan knows — there is a third brother. His name is JD Scott and he's the elder brother of the well-known twins. But why don't we ever hear from him, or at the very least, get to see him gleefully swing a sledgehammer through some outdated kitchen cabinetry? Though he is associated with Jonathan and Drew's business, JD has a lot of his own stuff going on. Let's get the scoop on this mysterious third Property Brother

JD Scott was busy being a celebrity impersonator

The other Property Brothers brother didn't always spend his time in the background of HGTV. JD Scott was a master at the oft-overlooked art of celebrity impersonators, and he made a fare share of his cash working at a casino in Las Vegas. No, he wasn't an ordained Elvis impersonator who spent his time at a chintzy chapel (like the kind Britney Spears visited in 2004 before her infamous 55-hour marriage). Scott was a bigwig at Caesar's Palace — at least when it came to his black jack table.

From 2010 until 2012, Scott worked at Caesar's as a "dealertainer," a combination of a black jack dealer and celebrity impersonator. According to his LinkedIn account, he'd perform four to five times a day as David Bowie or Adam Lambert (and probably would have been a shoe-in for a My Chemical Romance impersonation if the Black Parade had come through Vegas). 

Thankfully, Scott does have the sense of humor a person would have to have if they're willingly dressing up as Adam Lambert every day. He was a founding member of the Canadian sketch comedy group YFG.

JD Scott lives in Vegas, but not with his brothers

All three Scott brothers are from Vancouver, but they've also called Las Vegas home. For a time, Jonathan, Drew, and Drew's wife Linda Phan shared a home near the airport, while JD lived in a bachelor pad-turned-family home nearby. Their parents often visited, and were probably thrilled that all their babies decided to live in one place. Unfortunately, the twins have a beyond hectic schedule.

Though Jonathan and Drew's 5400-square foot Vegas home allows them to be closer to JD between shoots, they're hardly ever in it. According to a New York Times profile (that only mentions JD in one sentence), Drew is only home about three weeks out of the year. In fact, in 2017, he purchased a "honeymoon house" in Los Angeles with his wife, so it's unclear how often he actually gets back to Vegas, as of this writing. Though Jonathan spends more time in Sin City than his twin, he also has a busy production schedule. Basically, one of the big reasons you don't see JD alongside his brothers too much is because he doesn't live with them — and they're all over the place. 

Wedding plans are probably keeping JD Scott busy

There's a reason JD Scott isn't focusing solely on the spotlight — he's got a wedding to plan. The other Property Brothers brother has long been in a very public relationship with model and professional makeup artist Annalee Belle, but the couple took things to the next level on Halloween in 2018 when Scott popped the question. In a November Instagram post, Belle finally went public with the news.

"I had no real desire to get married until a couple months ago, so it's not like JD was scared or whatever people assume," Belle wrote. "He was just waiting for me. And omg...the proposal was OUTRAGEOUS!"

Apparently, Scott filmed the proposal with hidden cameras so there's a fair chance fans will get to see it at some point. If that's not the case, we get to see the pair on TV. Both Scott and Belle appeared on Property Brothers: Forever Home as the twins transformed Scott's Vegas bachelor pad into the perfect dwelling for a pair. Since then, Belle's been busy dress shopping and enjoying her bachelorette party, according to People. We're guessing her beau is busy doing similar wedding-planning activities.

JD Scott has battled a mystery illness behind the scenes

If JD Scott stepped back from the spotlight momentarily, it's because he was going through some real serious stuff. The Property Brothers at Home star has been battling a debilitating, mystery illness for more than a year, as of this writing. Like most things, it started slowly. The star told People that he had "a type of brain fog" that "made things just a little hazy," but after testing, a neurologist claimed he merely had allergies. Unfortunately, things escalated once he got home from his brother Drew Scott's wedding.

JD began experiencing all the symptoms of a heart attack — the chest problems, numbness in the arm, rapid pulse, head pressure and a "crawling sensation" in his skull. It got so serious that he believed he might die. "I took some time to write out detailed instructions for what to do in case I died that night," he told People.

Thankfully, it wasn't a heart attack, but doctors were still puzzled. The illness gave him a terrible sensitivity to heat, which made him pass out "pretty much wherever" he was if temperatures were above 70 degrees. This is not easy for someone who lives in Vegas, so it's understandable that JD took some time off.

It took a year for JD Scott to find the right treatment

Doctors only discovered how to treat JD Scott's mysterious illness about a year into his debilitating symptoms. The star told People he had been to a "rheumatologist, a radiologist, three neurologists, a neurosurgeon" and an ophthalmologist. He had "countless vials of blood" drawn (once, even having 25 vials drawn in a single day). He got MRIs, an MRA, and an EEG, but nothing helped. It was only when he visited a functional physician that things started to get better. The problem was actually a whole simpler than it seemed.

Dr. Scott Jacobson, who practices a mix of holistic and western medicine, ran tests that found an infection in Scott's body. It functioned like an autoimmune disease and sent his antibody levels "through the roof." The treatment was easy: some antibiotics and strict diet. Scott cut out wheat, dairy, soy, gluten, and sugar. In less than a week, he was already feeling a little bit better. 

"I'm not ignorant enough to say I'm cured, but certainly that this form of treatment is having very good results," he told People.

With treatment underway, perhaps Scott will emerge back into the spotlight with some brand new creative projects.

JD Scott is busy with his own HGTV web series

The stars of Property Brothers aren't the only Scott faces to grace HGTV. JD Scott might not be a mainstay on the network, but he's certainly a recognizable face around the offices — especially since he served as creative director for Scott Brothers entertainment from 2012 to 2014. The star has jumped in front of the cameras for a little-known web series called Can I Come In: Las Vegas, where he led viewers through some of Sin City's most interesting homes. Scott also appeared on 12 episodes of Property Brothers at Home and 22 episodes of Brother vs. Brother, where he hosted the behind-the-scenes web coverage. 

On the outside, it looks like Scott is one of HGTV's go-to behind-the-scenes hosts. In the past, he's reported from the set of Love It Or List It, Fixer Upper and Income Property. He also served as creative director for the series Toddler vs. Toddler, which saw the Property Brothers twins hosting renovation challenges for children, who in turn, won the "ultimate prize" of 50,000 gummy bears, according to IMDb. So, while we might not see Scott's face on-screen all the time, he's certainly backing up his brothers and working behind-the-scenes with the network.

JD Scott keeps it local ... and extremely not local

One reason you may not hear much about JD is that he focuses a lot of his attention on the local level. In fact, he's done so much for Las Vegas that MyVegas Magazine named him one of their Top 100 Men of Success for making a difference there. While the entry talks about his affiliation with his brothers, who were also honored, it also mentioned that JD is a Global Ambassador for World Vision. 

While a lot of attention has been given to JD's brothers' involvement in the organization, one that fights child poverty, JD is also active in the organization. He even contributed in the Kili Climb 4 Kids event, where he embarked on an 9-day climb on Mount Kilimanjaro to raise awareness about child slavery around the world. He visited areas of Tanzania to participate in programs that empower young girls so that they can resist exploitation. JD is passionate about helping children, and perhaps the time he dedicates to this cause keeps him out of the public eye. He is a local presence in Vegas, but he is an influence all over the world.

JD Scott is a social media star, so why does he need TV?

JD Scott doesn't really need TV as his main platform. The sometimes HGTV host prefers to use more intimate methods to reach fans. His weapon of choice is social media. The star has two Instagram accounts: one for himself, which has amassed more than 153k followers, and a joint-account with his fiancee, Annalee Belle, which hovers around 5,500 followers, as of this writing 

Scott's posts are a slice of his everyday life, and they're pretty darn charming. When he's not making fun of himself in an issue of Us Weekly, he's pulling at our heart-strings by showing us the weird, adorable love he shares with Belle. The enigmatic lovebirds are good at social media, they even offer classes and give lectures on the subject. 

As of 2019, Scott had almost as many followers on Facebook as he did on Instagram, which he parlayed into a sweet little side gig of doing sponsored posts. He claimed "hell hath frozen over" but he was "actually doing a brand partnership." Like most social media stars, Scott and Belle were hawking personal care products.

Taking care of his patrons eats up a lot of JD Scott's time

JD Scott might have taken until 2019 to enter the world of sponsored posts, but he's also monetizing his massive following in other ways. Though we don't hear much from the star on HGTV, in tabloid headlines or in magazine features, he has a deep connection with his fans through social media, and he uses his following to fund his ever-evolving creative endeavors.

Like many social media influencers who came before him, Scott launched a little-known Patreon account where fans can buy access to private Periscope chats, exclusive videos and behind-the-scenes blogs, signed goodies, and an unofficial spot on his board of directors. "Although I am involved with lots of great shows, I am not operating at the same level as my brothers who have a large team of people working with them day to day," he wrote in his Patreon's description. "As such, this restricts the resources available to me for creating new projects."

The funding from Scott's Patreon goes towards the creation of concept-drive photo shoots, TV shows, collaborative videos, podcasts, music, charity and traveling social media workshops with his fiancee. Unfortunately, he's only managed to snag 23 patrons, as of this writing.

Does JD Scott have a shameful secret?

HGTV might be a wholesome channel for feel-good home renovations, but JD Scott claims to have a "dark and shameful secret." Okay, it's not really the kind that would get him kicked off the air, but it definitely makes us look at him in a completely different light.

In a Facebook Live video, the Property Brothers' other brother revealed why he might just be the black sheep of the family: the TV host is, in fact, a Crash Test Dummies fan. If you don't remember Crash Test Dummies, they rose to fame in the early '90s with their bizarre, anticlimactic hit "Mmm Mmm Mmm Mmm." Basically, they're super Canadian (which makes sense, considering Scott is Canadian) and were the unofficial grandfathers of mumble rap if mumble rap ever crossed genres from grunge.

While we can't really credit Scott's absence from the public eye to his embarrassingly endearing affinity for Canadian one hit wonders, it does make us scratch our heads.

JD Scott does actually host shows from time to time

We might hardly ever hear about the other Property Brothers brother, but this Scott sibling does actually have his own series. Sure, it doesn't have an inordinate amount of spin-offs like Jonathan and Drew's show, but it was on cable TV. 

JD was the host of All-American Amusement Parks on Great American Country. The series, which premiered in 2014, aired six episodes that saw JD chowing down on funnel cake, getting wet on water slides, and riding the country's most twisty-turny roller coasters. He also got in with the locals, because there's no better way to see the true, great American theme park. Each episode, he was guided by a genuine park enthusiast.

All-American Amusement Parks isn't the only series JD has hosted. He was also the host of 2015's DIY Insider, a series on the DIY Network where JD went behind-the-scenes with the hosts of DIY's biggest shows. He led the series for 17 episodes.

JD Scott is cool with not being a household name, for now

On Saturday Night Live's 40th anniversary show, Edward Norton cameoed in Bill Hader's role, as Stefon. The character talked about hot clubs, and says the hottest club, called "YANK" was renovated by "the third never-spoken of brother, Proppy" As seen on JD's Facebook page, he thought it was "so funny." He shared the video and captioned it, "Well, you haven't truly made it until you are a joke on Saturday Night Live." 

Little brother Drew chimed in on the fun, sharing the video on his Facebook page as well, and promising to use JD's new nickname "for the rest of his life," but JD apparently decided to get out ahead of the sibling mockery. As of this writing, he uses the moniker on both his Instagram and Patreon pages. 

Clearly, JD is a guy with a great sense of humor, who handled the dig about his D-List celeb status with grace. And while JD isn't as well-known as his brothers, and we don't hear a lot about him in mainstream media, he's definitely out there making his mark. You just have to pay attention to see what he's up to.