Justin Theroux Sued By Angry Neighbor

The Leftovers star is engaged in a nasty legal battle with his downstairs neighbor.

According to the New York Post, Justin Theroux sued his Greenwich Village neighbor Norman Resnicow after the man took legal action regarding the actor's noisy apartment renovation. But Theroux apparently doesn't think that's the case. In his lawsuit, Theroux claimed that Resnicow had "made it his twisted sport to bully and intimidate" him.

But Resnicow didn't take Theroux's lawsuit sitting down. Resnicow, a lawyer himself, filed a countersuit, calling Theroux's "story of a so-called 'years-long harassment campaign' as fictional as the television series in which he recently starred." The neighbor went on to say that Theroux's suit was fueled by "petty vindictiveness."

And, what's more, Resnicow claims that Theroux's been a pretty bad neighbor, allegedly leaving "yowling" dogs in his apartment while he traveled and failing to properly maintain his property's water pipes, which caused a leak into Resnicow's home.

Resnicow wants Theroux, who's lived in the apartment building since 2001, to cover his legal fees and cough up money for damages. The Daily Mail reports that Resnicow also wants Theroux to pay $30,000 to soundproof his apartment.

Wonder what Theroux's wife Jennifer Aniston thinks about all this.