The Untold Truth Of Michael Oher's Wife

Michael Oher's story was shared with the world when it was made into the Oscar award-winning movie, "The Blind Side," which starred Quinton Aaron as Oher. The 2009 film was adapted from a book of the same name by author Michael Lewis. The inspiring story of the homeless teen-turned-NFL player helped propel the movie and book to success. Oher later revealed he wasn't happy about the film's inaccurate depiction of his life. The movie's implication that Oher knew very little about football negatively impacted his NFL career, per ESPN. The NFL star also revealed that he felt his intelligence was insulted throughout the film. "I felt like it portrayed me as dumb instead of as a kid who had never had consistent academic instruction and ended up thriving once he got it," Oher wrote in his autobiography, "I Beat The Odds."

Perhaps Oher's disdain for the reputation he earned from the film explains why he opts to live a life away from the spotlight. The football star's social media presence is minuscule, and he rarely does interviews. Oher's departure from the NFL after failing a physical in 2017 allowed him to be even more private. He is so off the grid that many fans may not even know that he's been married for quite some time. The football player's wife, Tiffany Roy, is equally as private as her husband. She cannot be found online easily as she keeps her social media presence to a minimum. Luckily for Michael Oher fans, we've managed to dig up a few fascinating details on Roy.

Did Michael Oher's 2017 arrest confirm his marriage?

News of Michael Oher's longtime marriage broke in quite an interesting way. In 2017, the football star was arrested for an altercation with an Uber driver. According to The Tennessean, documents from the driver's lawsuit claimed Oher was intoxicated when he got into the vehicle. The driver alleged that the NFL player asked him to follow his wife's (presumably Tiffany Roy's) car to a country club where they would continue their night out in Nashville. When the driver lost track of Roy's vehicle, Oher allegedly became "enraged," according to the lawsuit.

This incident resulted in a misdemeanor assault charge for Oher, but the charges were later dismissed. According to The Tennessean, Tennessee's Davidson County District Attorney spokeswoman, Dorinda Carter, shared that the alleged victim agreed the have the charges dismissed. The mention of Oher's wife in the Uber driver's lawsuit was likely the first time many members of the public heard that the football star was married.

Tiffany Roy has a son with Michael Oher

Tiffany Roy and Michael Oher's low-profile lifestyles make it difficult to find information on their family life. Luckily, Oher's adoptive brother, Sean Tuohy Jr., took to Instagram in 2015 to share a photo of a family gathering. Roy and Oher are in the photo together, and Oher is seen holding an adorable little boy who resembles the couple. For that reason, the boy is believed to be Roy and Oher's son. Additionally, Roy did confirm she is "a mother and a wife" on the website for her clothing line, "Feminish Collection." Fans seemed pleased to find out that their favorite football player was not only married but also a father. One user wrote: "Michael: I am truly happy that you have your own family with your beautiful wife and a son. God bless the child!"

Interestingly, Oher refrains from posting photos of his wife to his own Instagram account. This may be because he wants his marriage to remain as private as possible. Oher's adoptive family is a bit more open. Sean Tuohy Jr. frequently shares photos of family outings on social media. He also documents his life as Associate Athletics Director and Chief of Staff for the University of Central Florida's football team. Oher's adoptive mother, Leigh Anne Tuohy, is a motivational speaker and TV personality who doesn't seem to be afraid of the spotlight either. In 2017, she shared a photo on Instagram revealing that Oher, Roy, and their son were celebrating Christmas with the Tuohys. 

Tiffany Roy is vice president of a nonprofit

When Michael Oher stepped away from the NFL in 2017, he shifted his focus to giving back to underprivileged communities. The football player founded Beat the Odds Inc., which is a nonprofit that is "Providing the disadvantaged with the opportunity to succeed," according to its Instagram account.

In 2021, Oher spoke on what inspired him to create organizations like Beat the Odds Inc. and the Good Deeds smartphone app, which connects the needy with people who want to help. "I thought back to when I was coming up, how I was going to Goodwill and I didn't have $2 or $3 to buy a pair of socks, some shorts, t-shirts — I just didn't have 50 cents to my name," the football star told People. "I thought, I've got to come up with something that can bridge the gap between the people that are in need, and people who are really wanting to give." Oher runs Beat the Odds alongside his wife, Tiffany Roy. According to ProPublica, Oher is president of the organization while Roy is vice president. The couple has been helping families through the nonprofit since 2016. Although we do not know much about what Roy does in her free time, Beat the Odds is likely one of her primary focuses.

She has a clothing line

Although Tiffany Roy's Instagram account is private, it actually provides a bit of insight into her career. There is a link to her clothing boutique, Feminish Collection, in her bio. Roy also shared a link to the boutique's official Instagram page, which gives a deeper look into her life as a business owner. The mother of one even shared a photo with her husband and shots of herself modeling clothing from the boutique. The Feminish Collection site explains how Roy's passion for women's equality influences the brand. "Tiffany came up with the word Feminish Collection to involve all cultures and sizes of women," it reads. "Tiffany is not only an entrepreneur, but she is a strong believer in women equality and feels that just because we as women have the identity of a woman does not mean that you can do any less because of that identity."

The site's biography of Roy also mentions her marriage and her life as a mother. Shoppers even get a peek into what the entrepreneur was like as a child.  "As a young girl, Tiffany always liked clothing and shoes," the description continues. "She liked to be different and always went by the saying 'dare to be different, dare to stand out and be seen,' it's something that grew on her over the years with establishing her own self-image and style."

Michael Oher has been married to his wife for years

It seems that Michael Oher and Tiffany Roy have been a couple for quite a few years. You may recall that one of the first sightings of the pair together was Sean Tuohy Jr.'s 2015 Instagram post, so it appears they have at least been together for that long. Additionally, the young boy who is believed to be the couple's son is also in the photo, and he appears to be around kindergarten age. However, when Oher was working on his memoir, which was published in 2011, he seemingly was not a father yet. "I know that I am not going to do anything to bring children into this world until I can provide a good life for them with a sold family, and I'm going to make sure that I am grateful for them," he wrote.

It could be safe to assume that Oher and Roy have been together since at least before the start of Roy's pregnancy, and it's possible Oher has been a married man for longer than fans might have assumed. Perhaps Oher and Roy's discreet lifestyles helped the relationship last so many years. Roy's last public photo with her husband was posted to Instagram in 2021, so it seems the couple was still going strong as of that year. These days, Roy's schedule is likely packed due to balancing her business and nonprofit duties with being a wife and mother.