Danielle Fishel Confirms Our Suspicions About Her Relationship With Ben Savage

Every millennial has one television couple that, for most of their childhood and adolescence, defined the meaning of true love. And for most of us that couple was Cory and Topanga on "Boy Meets World," played by Ben Savage and Danielle Fishel — sorry Ross and Rachel stans. '90s kids watched these two characters fall in love in elementary school and keep the romance going through their college years and beyond. It was a relationship that felt so real on TV, most of us wondered at some point or another if there was also a relationship behind the scenes — or at least some light flirtation. 

We've never heard that Fishel and Savage ever officially dated, though Fishel has said in her memoir "Normally, This Would be Cause for Concern" (via Us Weekly) that Savage was her first kiss on and offscreen. If you suspected there might have been more there, Fishel has officially cleared the record.

Danielle Fishel and Ben Savage went on one date

When asked by People if she and her TV husband Ben Savage ever got together in real life, Danielle Fishel confirmed, "No, we never dated." Except ... that one time. "There was literally I think one moment where Ben and I looked at each other after we had been working together for like two years and were like, 'Are there feelings there?'," Fishel continued. "And then we went out to dinner, and we were like, 'No!'"

As much as we would have loved to see our favorite TV couple make it work in real life, it looks like everything really did work out for the best. Fishel is now happily married to Jensen Karp, and while Savage appears to still be single, he was in attendance at his former co-stars wedding, along with Will Friedle, who played Cory's brother Eric Matthews on "Boy Meets World." 

So while the real-life Cory and Topanga may never have fallen in love, it definitely looks like the cast of "Boy Meets World" is still a family.