A Look At Aaron Sorkin's Relationship History

Aaron Sorkin is perhaps best known as the mastermind behind Oscar-nominated hits like "Moneyball," "The Trial of the Chicago 7," and "The Social Network," for which he won the 2011 Academy Award for best adapted screenplay. However, Sorkin has also worked on a number of iconic movies most folks don't realize he was involved with, and his talents as a writer have earned him an impressive net worth. As of 2022, he reportedly has a cool $90 million in the bank, per Celebrity Net Worth, and that figure is sure to go up thanks to his current and upcoming projects, like "Being the Ricardos."

However, despite all of his success in Hollywood, things haven't always been easy for the filmmaker. In 2001, Sorkin was arrested, per The Washington Post, and he's been candid about his struggle with addiction. During a 2012 commencement speech at his alma mater, Syracuse University, he shared how he "lost a decade of my life to cocaine addiction" and confessed his "big fear was that I wasn't gonna be able to write without it." Even so, he pushed to get sober, and looking back on the 11 years of sobriety that led him to that point, he enthused, "I've written three television series, three movies, a Broadway play, won the Academy Award, and taught my daughter all the lyrics to 'Pirates of Penzance.'" Also rocky has been Sorkin's love life, and we're breaking down his full, headline-making relationship history below.

Addiction tore his first marriage apart

Before Aaron Sorkin became a household name, he was a music-theater major at Syracuse University who, soon after graduating in 1983, realized writing was more his speed. After initially settling in New York, he moved to Los Angeles in 1993 to focus on writing "The American President." As he'd later tell The Independent, the script took him "three years" to complete as he struggled with addiction. It wasn't until he met Julia Bingham, an entertainment lawyer, that he turned things around. They began dating, and it was Bingham who encouraged Sorkin to enter rehab in 1995 and get sober. Sorkin and Bingham tied the knot in 1996 and welcomed daughter Roxy in 2000, but eventually divorced in 2005. According to The Independent, Sorkin's "workaholic habits" paired with a relapse pushed their relationship to the brink. Indeed, in 2001, Bingham had to deal with him being arrested for drug possession at the Burbank, California, airport when TSA agents found illegal substances in his carry-on bag. As Entertainment Weekly reported, Sorkin was traveling with magic mushrooms, "a smoking pipe, a small quantity of marijuana, and some other items."

Following the divorce, Sorkin focused on sobriety, telling The Observer in 2005 that he was "in recovery." He also focused on raising his daughter, which meant keeping a good relationship with his ex-wife. Proof of their amicable split can be found on Roxy's Instagram, where she posted a photo of her parents being goofy together in 2020 and wrote, "Thankful for my family."

Aaron Sorkin and Kristin Chenoweth went from lovers to close friends

Aaron Sorkin and Kristin Chenoweth first got together following his divorce in 2005, and what followed was an on-again, off-again romance that lasted "for years," per Parade. The pair broke up for the first time soon after, but when Chenoweth debuted "The Apple Tree" on Broadway in 2006, Sorkin was there to support her, sparking rumors of a reconciliation. They kept fans guessing, and in her 2009 memoir, "A Little Bit Wicked," Chenoweth admitted she didn't know what their future held. "I love the man, and whatever happens or doesn't happen between us in the long run, I always will," she wrote. And she meant it. In 2020, they joined forces to teach a master class at Oklahoma City University, and in 2021, she was still talking about her ex in the nicest terms. "Aaron and I have such deep respect for each other and our work," she told Los Angeles Magazine, explaining, "That's what I think drew us together, because I'm a workaholic and so was he."

The couple's friendship even survived Sorkin "loosely" basing the character of Harriet Hayes in "Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip" on her. As Chenoweth told Time, he asked for permission, saying he had to write about her because she's "one of the most wonderfully complicated fantastic women." She agreed, but admitted it was "difficult" to watch Hayes act in ways she never would. What's more, it was "weird to see fights played out on TV that we had, but it was also an honor," she concluded.

Aaron Sorkin and Kristin Davis were smitten

In 2012, Aaron Sorkin was once again linked to a Kristin — this time to Kristin Davis. Rumors that the Oscar winner and "Sex and the City" star were dating began swirling in May, per E! News, with one source claiming they had been seeing each other for "around six weeks." The insider gushed that they were "really happy" and noted that while they'd "known each other a while through mutual friends and would sometimes bump into one another at industry events," their relationship had always been platonic — until then. The source added that Sorkin is "obviously really smart" and that Davis is "very intelligent, too," so "they have a lot to talk about" and a strong connection. Another insider echoed the same sentiment, telling Life & Style (via Daily News) that they were "a good match for each other."

Sorkin and Davis confirmed their romance that June when they shared a smooch on the red carpet at the Los Angeles premiere of "The Newsroom." One attendee told People that they "stayed very close at the after party" and "held hands and hugged all night." Davis was reportedly "giggling while Aaron told stories about his prom dates as a youth," and they "posed for pictures with their friends" before leaving together. Sadly, come August, they had split. InTouch confirmed the news, with an insider explaining that it didn't work out because they were "very different people" (via Page Six). While Davis was "focused on raising her daughter, Gemma," Sorkin was busy "working on his show."

His relationship with Mandy Stadtmiller inspired a famous character

Mandy Stadtmiller was a gossip columnist for New York Post when she met Aaron Sorkin at a party in 2010. She gave the Oscar winner her number and, as she shared in a personal post on XO Jane, they went on a "few" dates. One night, while at dinner in New York, she reportedly told him about a "takedown" piece she was writing on Bethenny Frankel and, as she recalled, he was unimpressed. So much so that he sent her an email (of which she shared screenshots) recalling how he got "preachy and condescending" that night but saying it gave him an idea for a character.

Said character was gossip reporter Nina Howard, who appeared on the fourth episode of "The Newsroom" and was played by Hope Davis. However, Sorkin adamantly told his girlfriend "THIS CHARACTER IS NOT YOU." He went on to clarify that he and his writers "call the character 'Bad Mandy' (as opposed to real Mandy) because I haven't named her yet." Stadtmiller was OK with the idea at first, but after the episode aired, she "fully cried" and felt "totally humiliated." As she explained, "Maybe it bothered me so much because I realized how close to the character I really was." She went on to add that "what hurt the most watching that first episode — and yes, I realize it is supposed to be 'the opposite' of me — was the close to the bone nailing. Of me."

Did he really date Courtney Love?

In January 2014, Page Six reported that Aaron Sorkin and iconic rocker Courtney Love were dating and had been together "for a few months." Love was reportedly staying at Los Angeles' Chateau Marmont while Sorkin was in town working on a number of projects, including "Steve Jobs," and they decided to get together over an apparent mutual admiration. According to one insider who spoke with the outlet, Sorkin was "intrigued by Courtney's wit," while she was attracted to the fact that he was "a great influence on her." They acknowledged that "some people might think they are an odd couple," but alleged that Love compared their union "to Marilyn Monroe and Arthur Miller."

While the Hole frontwoman didn't respond to the romance rumors directly, Daily Mail pointed to a Facebook post she made on Christmas Day in which she spoke about relationships and appeared to hint that she was in a great place. "I think at nearly 50 the basis of any relationship should be restraint and pragmatism before the big dramatic tsunami," she wrote. As for Sorkin, his rep was adamant that "they are not dating," per Page Six.

Aaron Sorkin and Paulina Porizkova enjoyed a whirlwind courtship

In the midst of the pandemic, Aaron Sorkin found love with supermodel Paulina Porizkova. In April 2021, Page Six confirmed they had been "quietly seeing each other for a few months," and they made their red carpet debut at the Oscars that weekend. However, Porizkova later told The New York Times that the outing was their second date. Admitting she felt some trepidation about making such a public debut so early, she recalled telling Sorkin, "This is going to kind of take me off the market for a little bit," to which he simply said, "OK." Calling him "a great kisser," she revealed they met through journalist Ashleigh Banfield after he asked her if she wanted to be set up on a blind date. She had one clause — "no rock stars" — and Banfield introduced her to Sorkin through text message. They went on their first date a month later.

Despite saying the Oscars aren't conducive to a romantic night out — "You're not there to have fun. You're on display." — Porizkova gushed about her date on Instagram. Noting that it was "freezing in the room," she wrote it "allowed me to snuggle close to my date. Who, yes, kept me warm all night," she shared before joking that she wore her own "fifteen year old Dolce Gabbana" dress because "I figured it made me look sort of like a female Oscar, so in case Aaron didn't win one, he could still take one home."

Aaron Sorkin and Paulina Porizkova were 'a duck and a goose'

Despite their cute Oscars red carpet appearance and Paulina Porizkova's sweet words about Aaron Sorkin, their romance just wasn't meant to be. Only three months after their first public outing, the supermodel confirmed on Instagram in July 2021 that they had split. She made the announcement by posting a "slightly goofy paparazzi shot" of her and Sorkin out for a walk, which she overlaid with a broken heart emoji, and writing a few words about their union and breakup. "I'm so grateful for his presence in my life," she began before sharing how Sorkin "helped heal me and reclaim myself. There truly may be no better man, no man who's more genuinely 'good,'" she gushed, calling him "brilliant and witty and funny and sexy."

Following all that praise for her ex, Porizkova then shared why their union just didn't work. "It doesn't matter how much we may wish we were birds of a feather — we're still a duck and a goose," she explained, concluding that although she always chooses to be "unfiltered," that was "all I'll ever say on the subject" because it "involves someone else's privacy."