What's The Real Meaning Of Dolly Parton's Woman Up And Take It Like A Man? Here's What We Think

Books and albums and Duncan Hines cake mixes, oh my!

Queen of country music Dolly Parton pleasantly surprised her fans when she announced that she had penned a book with author James Patterson. "I've combined my love of storytelling and books with the release of #RunRoseRun, a novel I've co-authored with @JP_Books! Pre order your copy today!" she tweeted on August 11 along with a link to the book's official website. But that's not all — Parton also paired the new book with its very own companion album! "I also have a new album to go along with the book," Parton dished to People. "All new songs were written based on the characters and situations in the book. I hope you enjoy the book and the songs as much as we've enjoyed putting it all together."

Following the release of the brand new album on March 4, however, many fans were left pining to know the real meaning behind all of the album's songs including Parton's "Woman Up and Take It Like a Man."

Woman Up and Take It Like a Man is 'for all the strong women in the world'

Legendary country crooner Dolly Parton took to social media on March 15 to introduce one of her brand new songs on the "Run, Rose, Run" album and give some context regarding the nature of the song "Woman Up and Take It Like A Man!" According to Parton, it's simple. "This song is for all the strong women in the world: past, present, future," she penned in an Instagram post.

Shortly after Parton introduced the new song, however, many fans in the Twitterverse hopped on to give their own opinions of Parton's new anthem and what they gathered to be the meaning behind it. "Amen, to quote a lyric from Dolly Parton's album where in the lyric video she plays a not so subtle homage to HRC at the lyric 'look like a woman, think like a man, be as good or better than, you've got to woman up and take it like a man,'" one user tweeted. Meanwhile, another wrote, "#Dolly Parton lyrics : (Equality for women isn't easy...) 'To take control and make demands Look like a woman, think like a man, Be as good as or better than, Gotta woman up and take it like a man.'" Still, others weren't so sure that the song completely landed. "Well I think the song may shortchanged women. It should really say I'm going to woman up and take it like a woman because women are sooo g**d** stronger than any man I know," another tweeted