What Is Cameron Diaz's Life Really Like Outside Of The Hollywood Spotlight?

Cameron Diaz stunned her Hollywood and legions of movie fans when she stepped away from acting. This break from acting was confirmed in a 2018 Entertainment Weekly interview, in which Diaz said she was "actually retired." Diaz ruled comedy in the 90s and 2000s with uproarious movies like "The Sweetest Thing" and "There's Something About Mary." 

In 2021, she opened up about this decision on Kevin Hart's Peacock series, "Hart to Hart." When Hart asked Diaz why she changed her path, she told him, "For my ... personal, spiritual self, I was realizing that ... that one part of me that functioned at a high level [as an actor] wasn't enough." Diaz admitted that acting is "fun to do," but revealed that she felt other aspects of her life needed her attention, including her marriage. "I feel whole," she said of her retirement, and the ways her world has changed as a result.

The last full-length film Diaz appeared in was "Annie" in 2014, per IMDb. It has been nearly a decade since audiences have seen her on-screen. Now, Cameron Diaz is revealing what life has been like since she left Hollywood.

Cameron Diaz is focused on family and her business

Since she decided to walk away from the spotlight and halt her acting career Cameron Diaz has been enjoying life with her family, as well as business endeavors outside of Hollywood. A source told Us Weekly that Diaz is focused on spending time with her husband, musician Benji Madden, and their young daughter, Raddix. She's begun a wine brand called Avaline and she has been enjoying the project. "It's been a really fun journey doing something she loves and building up her brand," the source told the magazine. This anonymous insider also said that Diaz is "so happy and grateful" to have the freedom to spend time in her home, gardening and cooking.

In a 2020 interview for "No Filter with Naomi," Diaz expressed that she was satisfied with the career she built before taking time off to start her family. "I really feel like this is my sweet spot and my happiest time in my life," Diaz said to Naomi Campbell during their discussion. She also explained that although she currently has no plans to return to acting, she "never say[s] never to anything." Congrats to Diaz for doing what makes her happy, and fingers crossed that one day she'll decide to take on a new Hollywood role!