Famous Photographer Has Bold Words About Princess Diana's Hair

The truth about how Princess Diana wasn't going to be influenced by the royal family is something that is still discussed about to this very day. That's because the Princess of Wales often made it clear during her time at Buckingham Palace that she was going to do things her way. Yet, there was always a sense that Diana's agenda was far different than what the tabloid press made it out to be. Her brother Charles Spencer even said after her death (via The Independent), "I don't think she ever understood why her genuinely good intentions were sneered at by the media, why there appeared to be a permanent quest on their behalf to bring her down. It is baffling."

That said, Diana was a pioneer when it came to her humanitarianism and of course, her style. Eleri Lynn, curator of the "Diana: Her Fashion Story" exhibition, told Vanity Fair, "We all have a sense of what we think she was like," adding, "a large part of that [idea] is communicated through the different clothes that she wore." And while Diana has been lauded as one of the most stylish women ever, there was one famous photographer who had some very surprising things to say about her hair.

David Bailey says Diana had 'terrible' hair

Though a lot of style experts would say that Princess Diana's hair played a vital part in her iconic look, some disagree. In an interview with The Telegraph, famed photographer David Bailey makes it no secret that he wasn't a fan of her hair at all. Bailey says that Diana supposedly had "terrible" hair and that her locks were "solid as a plastic dummy" because of all the hairspray that she used. If that weren't enough, Bailey also recalled a moment in 1988 when he was photographing Diana and a light fell on her head. "I thought, 'Oh f**k!'" he revealed. When Diana was forgiving about the incident, Bailey said, "I told her she had been very magnanimous — that's right, because she asked me what magnanimous meant."

Yet, there was a powerful reason why Diana always liked to wear her hair short. In the 2017 documentary, "Diana: In Her Own Words," the Princess of Wales was asked about a moment in her life "that turned [her] from victim to victor" (via Bustle). She responded, "I supposed last summer when Sam cut my hair differently; it let out something quite different." No amount of hairspray could hold a strong statement like that.