Expert's Analysis Of Clayton And Susie's GMA Interview Might Surprise Bachelor Fans - Exclusive

Well, that was dramatic. As "The Bachelor" fans will know, Season 26's lead Clayton Echard made quite the mess of things on his engagement journey, as he actually ended up falling in love with Susie Evans, Gabby Windey and Rachel Recchia. Not only that, but he told each of the women he loved them and got intimate with both Gabby and Rachel (who will be the next Bachelorettes, by the way), despite admitting that he was the most in love with Susie.  See, we told you it was a bit of a mess.

As fans saw in the run-up to the finale, Clayton and Susie had quite the heart-to-heart, in which Susie admitted that if Clayton had been intimate with any of the other ladies in the competition that she did not feel she could continue on with her relationship with him. Clayton came clean, and, after a very heated argument, Susie went home.

But this is "The Bachelor," so, of course, it didn't end there. The finale saw Clayton split with both Gabby and Rachel (after a couple of other heart-to-hearts and dramatic arguments, of course) and he realized that it was Susie who he really wanted. She returned and he proposed to her, but she said no. However, in yet another twist, it was later confirmed that the two had been in contact since the show ended and were... back together!

So what does an expert make of the chemistry between Clayton and Susie?

Susie and Clayton's body language suggests it's the real deal

Media coach Jess Ponce III, the president of Media 2x3 and a coach and consultant, spoke exclusively to Nicki Swift about "The Bachelor" stars Clayton Echard and Susie Evans' body language and if they're really into one another after all the drama.

Many viewers weren't sold on their relationship after seeing them on "The Bachelor"'s After The Final Rose on March 15, with Twitter ablaze with comments the two's chemistry seemed "forced" and "scripted." Others even suggested their happy ending was "fake" and could potentially have been orchestrated by producers for the drama.

However, Ponce disagreed with that consensus as he broke down their "Good Morning America" interview on March 16, telling us, "Clayton had his arm around Susie — not on the back of her chair, but right above her waist, with his hand on her upper hip. He also looked softly at her, gleaming eye to eye when she spoke."

As for how Susie was with Clayton? Ponce noted she "leaned on the arm of her chair towards Clayton," which looked "as if she wanted to rest her body on his" while "she gazed upon him affectionately."

"Although she did fuss with her hands a bit, indicating a bit of nervousness — but this nervousness wasn't apprehension, but excitement. At the end of the interview, Clayton has his hand over hers. From all physical indications... Susie is really into Clayton. He seems to be reciprocating in an affectionate, meaningful way," he added.