How Craig Conover Really Feels About Kristin Cavallari Being Pulled Into Summer House Drama

"Summer House," one of Bravo's hit reality shows, has been bringing the heat since 2017. And, when liquor is involved, the weather is great, and everyone on the show is well off — yeah, it can get messy. Especially for Craig Conover, who found himself at the center of drama when something personal about his life was brought up. Craig is a breakout star from "Southern Charm," another widely popular Bravo reality show, and because of his new love interest, he occasionally appears on the new season of "Summer House." 

For the past five years, the cameras have followed the lives of a group of friends who work in Manhattan but, from Memorial Day through Labor Day they all cool off by sharing a summer home in the Hamptons, per IMDb. According to the network, the cast, which includes Lindsay Hubbard, Paige DeSorbo, Kyle Cooke, Amanda Batula, Daniella Olivera, Ciara Miller and Luke Gulbranson, doesn't hold back when it comes to partying, their wild sides, or even the ups and downs many of them deal with in their lives. 

But, because they are all working professionals, sometimes it can be hard to juggle the two. "I think we're dealing with it more so than any show because we all scatter and go about our careers and our jobs Monday through Friday ... it's a lot," Kyle told Page Six. However, they make it work, and this season, things get real when Craig's dating history gets thrown into the storyline. 

Lindsey Hubbard reveals Craig and Kristin had a sexual past

Craig Conover spoke to E! News and is firing back at his former friend Lindsey Hubbard for revealing sensitive information about his alleged past sexual relationship with reality star Kristin Cavallari. "We had a great relationship and I thought it was really, really unfair that she was thrown into a show that she's not on," Craig said in reference to Kristin. No one was privy to that, outside of his close friends, and it surely was not meant to come out on television, especially since he is currently dating "Summer House" cast member Paige DeSorbo.

He explained to the outlet that Lindsey "did it for TV" and that he feels "terrible" for Kristin. "It's one thing to be on that show and be fair game yourself," Craig said, "but to bring outside people and do it, I think, was just unfair." As far as his friendship to Lindsey goes, it's non-existent, but he claims it has nothing to do with her outing him and that he's in a really good place. "I really like to lift people up, so I'm never gonna actively go after someone or try to tear them down," Craig said. "It comes to a point where you have to cut people out of your life." 

According to Us Weekly, Kristin denies any involvement with Craig. "He's making it up — it's not true," a source exclusively told the outlet. "They never hooked up."