Morena Baccarin Reveals How Hard Her Work-Life Balance Can Get

Being a mom and maintaining a household is a full-time job. And, if a woman throws her career into the mix as well, it can get overwhelming. Morena Baccarin knows that feeling firsthand. The Brazilian-born actor first made her television debut on the sci-fi series, "Firefly" and from there broke out into major shows and movies like "Serenity," "Heartland," and "Deadpool" to name a few, per IMDb

During a "First Time" interview with Rolling Stone, Baccarin recalled the moment she saw herself onscreen."I remember being terrified, not wanting to see it, but at the same time so curious," she said. Her career took off, and the "Homeland" actor admitted it got to her head a little bit. "I remember this feeling that maybe I was going to walk down the street and everybody was going to know me," she said, "but that's really not how it works."

Now, Baccarin is in high demand for several roles in film and television. She currently stars in NBC's new show "Endgame" where she plays a Russian mercenary, per The Hollywood Reporter.  But, as a mother of three, she reveals it can be very difficult trying to juggle the both. 

Morena Baccarin says 'it's tough' to work and raise three kids

While at the National Board of Review gala, Morena Baccarin candidly spoke with Page Six and described herself as a "disaster" when it comes raising a family and working on a major show all at the same time. She shared that "it's really tough" at the moment, and praised her nanny for her hands-on support, which allows the actor to flourish in her career. "I just have to get through these next five years and then it'll become a little bit more feasible and enjoyable," Baccarin said. 

The mom guilt is real and also never ends when you're a parent. The "Gotham" star spoke with Rolling Stone about the first time she met with producers for the show and having to leave her son behind on his first birthday. The experience is one she still remembers vividly. "I was so mad and so sad that I had to get on the plane that day," she said. "I was just so upset that I had to leave him." 

According to People, Baccarin shares her oldest son Julius from her previous marriage with director Austin Chick, and has two children Frances and Arthur with husband Ben Mackenzie.