Was Jared Leto Excluded From The My So-Called Life Reunion?

Over the years, Jared Leto has transformed from a rock star to one of Hollywood's biggest names. He's starred in big-name films like "Suicide Squad" and "House of Gucci," and his performance in "Dallas Buyer's Club" even earned him a prized Oscar, per IMDb. He was also the frontman of the rock band "30 Seconds to Mars." But before his successful music and acting career, Leto was just starting off in Hollywood when he landed a role on a little show titled "My So-Called Life" in 1994.

The teen series starred a young Claire Danes as Angela Chase, a normal 15-year-old going through all of the drama that is high school. Opposite Danes starred Leto as Angela's heartthrob boyfriend, Jordan Catalano. The show launched the careers of Danes and Leto, who were just 14 and 21 years old at the time, respectively. While it would only last one season, it still made a huge mark on '90s pop culture.

So, back when the pandemic was at its height in April 2020, the cast of "My So-Called Life" thought to get together for a nostalgic reunion over Zoom. Wilson Cruz, who starred as Rickie Vasquez in the series, said most of the cast could get together. He tweeted, "We all have such love for each other, even 26 years later. It was overwhelming to see all of those faces together." But, Leto was notably missing from the reunion, and almost two years later, he's finally shared some insight as to why.

Jared Leto doesn't know why he wasn't there

Back when casts were regularly reuniting over Zoom to provide much-needed entertainment in the pandemic, the cast of "My So-Called Life" thought to do the same. Several of the series stars showed up, such as Claire Danes, Wilson Cruz, and Bess Armstrong, as well as some of the show's creators.

However, the other series star, Jared Leto, was absent and it would seem he's just as clueless as fans as for the reason why. When asked by Variety why he wasn't there, he replied, "No idea, I hope everyone had a good time without me." Variety then asked if he was invited, to which Leto said, "I'm sure I was. I would've hoped. Maybe I wasn't. No, I'm sure I was." He continued, "What a crazy time we're in. Not everyone's able to make everything."

While Leto certainly did not give a straight answer for his absence, one could speculate. In his comments about his "My So-Called Life" role, he's not exactly proud of it, so maybe he decided it's best not to revisit it by showing up to the cast reunion. "I feel like it was such a short period of my life," he told Rolling Stone about his time on the series (via ET). "Let's face it, I barely spoke! I have a lot of gratitude for starting there, but they made such a big deal of the character in the show."