Serving The Hamptons Season 1 Release Date, Cast, And More Information

Reality shows have become a staple on television for over two decades now. While the way we consume the shows have changed, there's something addicting about watching reality stars like the Kardashians air out their drama to the world. Networks and streamers know this, which is why there has been an influx of new reality shows every season, ranging from real-estate based shows like "Selling the Hamptons" to dating shows like "Love is Blind."

One of the most well-received sub-genres of reality television show is watching people work in the service industry — whether it's seeing how crew members set up yachts on Bravo's "Below Deck" or how to run a restaurant on "Vanderpump Rules" — it's guaranteed to be entertaining.

Seeing this, Discovery+ has decided to get in on the action with another reality show based in the Hamptons called "Serving the Hamptons." Here's everything we know about the upcoming series.

When is the release date for Serving the Hamptons Season 1?

As the series title suggests, "Serving the Hamptons" will focus on a group of service workers running a restaurant in the Hamptons in New York. In a press release from Discovery+, it states that the show will premiere on April 7 and have a total of five episodes that will "take viewers into one of the most exclusive enclaves in the world." The network also promises that the series will showcase all the "juicy drama" from its "young, sexy restaurant staff" as they work in 75 Main, a go-to destination for travelers and diners in the Hamptons.

Robert Friedman, CEO of Bungalow and executive producer of the show, added that he couldn't be happier that Discovery+ is broadcasting and distributing it. "Content risk-taking is rare these days and the Discovery family of networks has shown us the power of harnessing their global reach and expertise," he said. "It has been a great experience and we know this show is going to delight viewers. The food content is hot and the drama is even hotter."

But how hot is the drama going to be, and who will be caught in it?

Who is in the cast of Serving the Hamptons Season 1?

"Serving the Hamptons" will document the lives of the staff at the popular Hamptons restaurant, 75 Main, according to a press release from Discovery+. The cast will be made up of 10 workers who work in various positions at the restaurant. Samantha Crichton and Jillian Gough work as VIP hostesses, Jodie Bisasor and Ryan Fitzpatrick are bartenders, Hailey Druek and Jack Tavcar are waiters, while Brogan Wu and Ethan Thompson are responsible for the food and music. Of course, how could a restaurant function without an owner and manager? These two roles are taken by Zach Erdem and Victoria Hilton, who are set to have big roles on the show.

"To attract the best employees to serve his elite clientele of celebrities, politicians, and the uber rich, 75 Main owner Zach Erdem provides his staff with a gorgeous beach house — provided they follow his rules and take care of his customers," the press release states. "... To keep the young staff in line, Zach enlists manager Victoria Hilton to ensure the few rules he's established are followed, including being on time, no drinking at work, and most importantly, no dating among the staff."

The rules, though, don't seem like they will be enforced very well. In the trailer for the show, one cast member says, "There's going to be rule-breaking all summer." We're sure fans will be glued to their screens to watch the drama unfold!

The restaurant on Serving the Hamptons is a go-to for celebrities

75 Main, the restaurant featured on "Serving the Hamptons" Season 1, is a popular destination for celebrities, politicians, and other well-known public figures, according to Page Six. Ivana Trump, Paris Hilton, Kendall Jenner, and Anthony Scaramucci are just some of the famous faces who have dined there. In an interview with Dan's Papers, owner Zach Erdem said he started the restaurant from the ground up after buying it in 2010, and never thought it would become this popular.  In fact, the popularity of the restaurant was what made Discovery+ executives want to create the series.

"There isn't any place quite like the Hamptons — from its extravagance to its beauty to the wild cast of characters that only exists there," Lisa Holme, senior vice president of content and commercial strategy for Discovery Inc, told Variety. "... I am certain our viewers will love 'Serving the Hamptons.' It is the exact type of bingeable programming that our viewers crave and want more of."

Here's hoping that "Serving the Hamptons" will satisfy our cravings for drama!