A-List Celebrities Are Getting Dragged Into Johnny Depp And Amber Heard's Legal Drama

The legal battle between Johnny Depp and Amber Heard is far from over, and now, a number of their peers in the industry are getting dragged into the mess.

The long, drawn-out battle started in 2018 when Heard accused her ex-husband of domestic violence in an Op-Ed she wrote for The Washington Post. Depp then filed a $50 million defamation lawsuit against her, claiming that the allegations had adverse effects on his career, per Rolling Stone. His lawyers said the piece "depended on the central premise that Ms. Heard was a domestic abuse victim and that Mr. Depp perpetrated domestic violence against her" — a claim they say is "categorically and demonstrably false."

Months later, Heard filed a motion to dismiss the complaint and explained in great detail some of the instances of the alleged abuse she claimed to have experienced with Depp. But he said that she fabricated the stories and insisted that it was Heard who abused him. "I will continue to deny them for the rest of my life," Depp said of the claims, per The Washington Post. "I never abused Ms. Heard or any other woman." The "Aquaman" star's motion to dismiss was thrown out, and she instead countersued Depp for $100 million. Now, after countless delays, both parties are ready to take the stand, and they're bringing some of their friends along with them.

James Franco, Elon Musk, and more are set to testify

High-profile celebrities, including James Franco and Elon Musk, are slated to deliver their testimonies at Johnny Depp and Amber Heard's upcoming defamation trial, per Deadline. Marvel star Paul Bettany, as well as representatives from the Walt Disney Company, Warner Bros., and the LAPD are also set to testify. Private correspondence from the former couple to other big names in the industry will also be made available publicly.

Franco and Musk's involvement in the case stems from Depp's accusation that they each had an affair with Heard. The actor and Tesla CEO will give their testimonies virtually via video conference. Meanwhile, Bettany, the same actor who had been involved in Depp's failed libel case against The Sun, was asked by Depp to testify on his behalf. Additionally, text messages between Heard and "Aquaman" director James Wan and co-star Jason Momoa, along with correspondence with "Justice League" director Zack Snyder and CAA boss Bryan Lourd, will be publicly available. Emails between Depp and "Fantastic Beasts" author J.K. Rowling and musician Jack White will also be included, according to TMZ.

The hearing will kick off on March 24, and both Depp and Heard are expected to take the stand in person.