Pete Davidson's Night With Scott Disick Did Not Go As Planned

Pete Davidson has been doing more than just keeping up with the Kardashians — he's dating one. Kim Kardashian and the "Saturday Night Live" star went Instagram official, so to speak, on March 11. Kim shared a slideshow of photos that have the couple looking playful along with a black-and-white selfie taken by Davidson with Kardashian in the background. The pics even prompted Kim's sister Khloé Kardashian to comment with a simple but powerful, "I love this." 

The photos come months after not-so-subtle clues that the stars were romantically involved. Back in November 2021, sources told Page Six that Kim and Davidson are "officially dating." If that weren't enough, one source told People back in December that the mother-of-four "is so into" Davidson, adding, "[Kim and Pete] are both really cuddly and affectionate with each other." In other words, Kim has made it no secret that she's totally into her man.

That said, it seems like Davidson is doing more than just keeping up with Kim, but slowly becoming a part of her extended family, too. Not only has he received support from Khloé, but from Scott Disick, too. 

Pete Davidson might have had a more wild night in mind

Pete Davidson is one of the boys — the Kardashian boys. According to People, Davidson was hoping to spend a "wild night out" with Kourtney Kardashian's ex Scott Disick and some of his friends, but that's not exactly what happened. Scott took to his Instagram Story to document their supposed shenanigans, which saw Scott and a few friends snoozing on the couch next to a bewildered Davidson. The father-of-three wrote, "Boyz night was wild," adding four-bed emojis. 

Then again, it seems like Disick and Davidson have had a nice level of comfort with one another for some time now. Back in January, Scott made a reference about Davidson's infamous manhood in a comment that he posted on Kim Kardashian's Instagram page, according to Bustle. In December, he joined the celebrity couple for a double date night. Scott and a mystery woman hung out with Kim and Davidson at Staten Island local favorite Angelina's where "everyone was just having a really fun time laughing constantly," one source told Hollywood Life.

And while his night out with Scott might not have gone as planned, the fact that they are even hanging out together suggests that Davidson is more than just one of the Kardashian boys — he's slowly but surely becoming a part of their tight-knit Kardashian clan too. The boys that snooze together, stay together, right?