John Travolta's Career As A Pilot Is Really Taking Off

John Travolta has been a staple in Hollywood since he burst onto the scene in the 1978 cult classic "Grease" alongside Olivia Newton-John. Travolta would go on to appear in a number of films in his near four-decade-long career, which included starring roles in 1997's "Face/Off" and the movie adaption of the musical "Hairspray" in 2007.

In addition to Travolta's storied career as an entertainer, the "Look Who's Talking" star is also an aviation enthusiast and has been since the age of 15, according to CBS News. The outlet further reports that Travolta — who has been taking flying lessons since he was a teenager — got his full pilot license in 1987 and has owned 17 aircrafts. "Aviation has always bailed me out of anything in my mind that is blue," the Oscar nominee said, adding, "I can look through an airline schedule and brochure and cheer up."

At that time, Travolta was only licensed to fly his Boeing 707 aircraft, but the actor recently revealed that he has taken the necessary steps to take his aviation career to the next level.

Travolta gets a new license

John Travolta is known for his scene-stealing movie roles, but the actor — who has been flying planes for decades — recently announced that he is taking his aviation career to new heights. "A very proud moment in my aviation history," said the actor in a video posted to his Instagram. "To add to my 747 and 707 licenses, I just received my 737 license. And it went very well so, just sharing my moment with you."

The "Pulp Fiction" star is no stranger to the aviation community. He was honored with the first-ever Cliff Robertson Ambassador of Aviation Award in 2007 for his time with Australian airline, Qantas. "This amazing airline — which I do think is the best airline in the world — allowed an American man to fulfill his childhood fantasy by becoming one of its pilots," he said during the ceremony. And it appears Travolta's love of flying is more than just a sporadic hobby, as the actor's social media accounts boast a number of cockpit photos from years past.