Madison LeCroy Appears To Shade Austen Kroll Amid His Disastrous Summer House Episode

It's safe to say that Madison LeCroy and Austen Kroll aren't exactly the blueprint for friendly exes. The former "Southern Charm" couple have quite the history of being on and off, with the two seemingly splitting for good back in December 2020 when Madison told Us Weekly, "We are not together right now. I am 1,000 percent single, and so is he. So, ladies, if you want him, you can have him."

Both have continued to appear on "Southern Charm" in the wake of their split though (making for some seriously great TV, of course!) and it seems like the close company they have to keep means Madison is keeping tabs on her former man. Case and point? His "Summer House" drama while appearing on Season 6 of the Bravo reality show. As reality TV addicts will know, Austen caused some serious issues by leading on and kissing both Lindsay Hubbard and Ciara Miller. But that's not all. He also got into plenty of drama with the other women in the house and even seemingly tried to close a door on Paige DeSorbo's arm, with the March 21 episode getting pretty intense.

Naturally, there's been plenty of reaction to Austen's controversial "Summer House" appearance across social media (with plenty of viewers praising Paige for hitting back at Austen, while others even set up a petition to get him banned from the show) and Madison appears to be one of those throwing in her two cents...

Madison's Muppet message

Madison LeCroy appeared to make her feelings about her ex, Austen Kroll's, "Summer House" drama pretty clear with a cryptic post on social media. The reality star took to Instagram Stories on March 21 to share what appeared to be a pretty shady post that read, "You started it — Karma." The real thing that linked the message to her ex, though? The GIF of Beaker from The Muppets, which you can see above. As "Southern Charm" fans will already know, Austen has been subject to a not exactly kind comparison over the years, as some viewers have claimed he looks like a Muppet and even referred to him as "Muppet Mouth."

This also isn't the first time Madison has used the Beaker GIF to potentially take a swipe at her ex. In another Instagram Story post in September 2021, she shared what appeared to be a text exchange with her new boyfriend, Brett Randle, in which he told her, "Don't ever Venmo me again!!" after she seemingly paid him for something. Madison wrote alongside the screenshot, "I used to date guys that would request," with an image of, you guessed it, Beaker, suggesting she was referring to Austen. "Finally! Man of my dreams in all the ways... Never settle ladies, they do exist," she added.

As for if Madison and Austen will ever stop taking swipes at one another? We're not so sure. But we have to admit, it makes for some great TV!