Britney Spears Reveals The Odd Way She Adopted Her Dog

Britney Spears has been fairly candid about wanting to have a baby with her fiance, Sam Asghari, though it's unclear if she plans on trying sometime soon. Not only did Spears reveal this during a court hearing as part of her conservatorship trial, according to The New York Times, but she has also posted to social media about her desire to become a third-time mom. "I'm thinking about having another baby," she captioned a photo back in November. For the time being, it seems Spears is content with being a dog mom.

The pop star has been a dog lover for most of her life, and she has been known to have quite a few furry friends around the house, or even on the red carpet from time to time. Last October, Spears' beau actually surprised her when he brought home a new doggo to love — a Doberman they named Porsha, according to People magazine. "Surprised my fiancé with our newest member to the family," Asghari captioned an Instagram video of the new pup. However, it does seem as though Porsha is more Asghari's dog, as the two are often seen together going on car rides or hikes. Whether or not that's actually the case is unknown, but Spears ended up fixing the potential problem by adopting another dog a few months later. How she ended up taking Sawyer home is another story.

Britney Spears found Sawyer while on vacation in Maui

Britney Spears may have all kinds of connections, but the superstar didn't simply make a phone call and end up with a new dog. According to an Instagram post that she shared on March 22, Spears actually ended up finding Sawyer while she was in Maui on vacation. She called the pup "a gift from God" and explained that once she happened upon him, she simply couldn't leave him. She recalled having people come up to her and look at the dog, but she simply couldn't put him down. "The owner finally stopped by realizing that I wasn't going anywhere and she gave him to me," Spears revealed.

The "Piece of Me" singer has gone through the puppy stage with Sawyer — the teething, the nipping, the whole nine — but she had nothing but wonderful things to say about her new fur baby. "He's grown so much since I first got him. He's only 8 months and if anyone comes in my room that he doesn't know, he literally acts like a lion," she wrote. Spears went on to say that she is seeing a protective side in Sawyer that she wishes she had when she was supposed to be protected by the people closest to her. "Sawyer made me feel more loved in 9 seconds than any man I've ever been with. No bullsh*t, no words," she added.