Machine Gun Kelly In Hot Water Once Again After Offensive Interview

Machine Gun Kelly received backlash in January when a viral TikTok highlighted an old interview in which he made inappropriate comments about a then-underage Kenall Jenner. "I don't care who my first celebrity crush was because right now it's Kendall Jenner," the musician said in the 2013 interview with Fuse. At the time, Jenner was 17 years old and Kelly was 23 years old, per BuzzFeed. The "Bad Things" artist was aware of their age discrepancy, telling Fuse, "I'm not waiting until she's 18, I'll go now. I'm 23, dog, I'm not like a creepy age, y'know what I'm saying?"

In an effort to rationalize his bold comments, MGK gave examples of famous musicians who dated minors. "Robert Plant, who is one of the greatest lead singers ever, dated a girl who was 14," the rapper told Fuse, adding that Guns N' Roses frontman Axl Rose allegedly dated a 16-year-old and then wrote a song about her.

Many fans chastised MGK on social media following the viral clip. "How is Mgk caught in literal 4k saying he doesn't care about waiting kendall jenner to turn 18 so he can hook up with her," one Twitter user wrote. "Ayo remember when MGK at 23 bragged about how badly he wanted to f*** a 17 year old Kendall Jenner?" another tweeted. One fan tweeted that they stopped listening to MGK once they heard the Jenner comments. Kelly has now found himself embroiled in controversy once again because of another resurfaced interview.

Machine Gun Kelly's lewd comments cause a stir

A resurfaced interview has exposed Machine Gun Kelly for making lewd comments about Black women. The original video took place on the red carpet of the 2012 BET Awards, per Newsweek. A clip of the interview was shared by musician Alice Glass on Twitter on March 21, who called it "disturbing." 

"Black girls give the best h**d," MGK said in the clip while speaking to JoJo Suya, a Black female journalist. "Y'all either give the best h**d or you say you don't give h**d. White girls they just give h**d," the "Emo Girl" singer said. He elaborated on the statement. "Most of y'all say, 'I don't do that, unless you're my man.' Whereas you just need to show your skills," he told the reporter. Another portion of the interview saw MGK curse out a woman who was off-camera. "B***h walk the f*** away then, you dirty pig b***h," he scoffed into the microphone while addressing the other woman.

Meanwhile, Suya spotted Glass's viral tweet and came to MGK's defense. "Girl give it a rest. I asked him a question and he answered. The end," the reporter wrote in response to Glass. Suya also claimed the woman Kelly cursed at had it coming. "She was being disruptive and disrespectful to ALL of my interviews," Suya wrote in response to another Twitter user. Clearly, MGK has some explaining to do himself.