Jared Leto's Rock Climbing Accident Was More Serious Than We Thought

Jared Leto — actor, musician, '90s dreamboat — is a man of many hobbies. True Leto stans may be aware that one of those hobbies is rock climbing, which can be pretty dang dangerous, it turns out! The "WeCrashed" actor revealed in a March 2020 Instagram post that he "almost died" in a rock-climbing accident when his rope was cut by the rock as he dangled about 600 feet in the air — which is utterly terrifying. "I remember looking down at the ground below. It was a strange moment – less fear, more matter of fact, and slightly melancholy," he wrote in the caption. "The adrenaline came after, when I got back on the wall."

However, it doesn't look like this brush with death has dampened Leto's enthusiasm for the activity, as he revealed in an interview with Men's Health. Even though Leto may have been even closer to the end than this 2020 caption revealed. 

Jared Leto had to accept his death

Jared Leto talks a lot about his love of rock climbing in the Men's Health interview, which he first learned to do when filming "Great Wide Open," which was about climbers. These days, climbing seems to be pretty much all the actor does when he's between projects. He also opened up about his big fall, and how at the time, he had accepted his imminent death. "It was like an acceptance, and a little bit of sadness," he said. "It wasn't even fear. It was like, 'ah, not now.'" Luckily for everyone, Leto didn't die that day. In fact, according to his Instagram caption, he wasn't even done climbing for the day after the near-death experience. 

So what is it about this apparently life-threatening hobby that Leto just can't quit? As he told Variety, "You have to be present. That's the thing I like about it. Also, you don't get cellphone service. It disconnects you from the world." Well, we just hope he gets cell service next time he has a scary incident.