Savannah Guthrie's Kids Caused Quite A Stir At The Tonight Show

Motherhood is precious to Savannah Guthrie, so who can blame her for risking some rambunctious hijinks by bringing her kids to work? The "Today" co-host and her husband, Michael Feldman, are the proud parents of two energetic kids: 7-year-old daughter Vale and 5-year-old son Charlie. While they can be quite a handful, Guthrie adores her children so much that she told Good Housekeeping she began bawling her eyes out "the first time I put [Vale] in her nursery."

Guthrie experienced fertility issues and became a mother later in life, but she's happy with the way parenthood panned out for her because she believes her children benefit from "the peace and calmness that comes with age." However, like most parents, Guthrie admits she gets "exhausted," and having to stay up late with your little ones before an early day's work is not something that's easily remedied with an extra shot of espresso.

Guthrie told The Hollywood Reporter that she didn't have kids sooner because "I didn't have my act together," but now she's a master of maintaining a healthy work-life balance. In a March 22 Instagram post, she showed her Instagram followers one way she successfully combined work and family time to make some happy memories. Guthrie revealed that her daughter and son joined her at "The Tonight Show" studio when she was one of Jimmy Fallon's guests, and she kept her kids entertained by letting them cause a little chaos.

Savannah Guthrie and Jimmy Fallon's kids are used to being with them at work

After Savannah Guthrie was finished sharing some of her funny parenting stories with "The Tonight Show" host Jimmy Fallon — like how her son became "a footrest for the other passengers" during a flight — her kids eagerly greeted her. "Their post show 'congratulations' turned into a massive dog pile in the Tonight Show hallway," Guthrie wrote on Instagram. Her post included photos of the cute moment she ended up in the middle of a smiley sandwich.

Guthrie added that Fallon "couldn't have been sweeter" when interacting with her kids, even though she joined in as "they trashed the green room like rock stars." Perhaps it helped that they left Fallon an apologetic note that read, "Jimmy! Best. Show. Ever. You made our rock star dreams come true! Sorry for trashing your dressing room."

Fallon is used to having kids around at work. When he was filming his show at home due to COVID-19 andemic restrictions in 2020, his adorable daughters, Frances and Winnie, became his unofficial co-hosts on occasion, and he even allowed them to judge his opening monologue jokes. Guthrie's kids have also joined her at work. Charley was only a baby when he and Vale appeared on "Today" in 2017, per Entertainment Tonight. One year later, Guthrie spoke about her blissful life as a mother of two on "Today," saying, "In the end, all I ever wanted was just to have a family."