Tinashe Reveals What It Was Really Like Working With Britney Spears

Since making her mark on the music industry, singer Tinashe has been able to be recognized by some of her idols.

In 2015, the "All Hands On Deck" hitmaker performed alongside Ciara and Jason Derulo at the BET Awards to perform a tribute for Janet Jackson the night she received the Ultimate Icon award. After taking to the stage in honor Jackson, she told HotNewHipHop in 2022 that she would love to interview the star next. "She's like my hero and I feel like she has a very, very, very interesting story and very interesting perspective on the music industry," Tinashe explained. "She's seen it change so many times throughout her career and I think the biggest thing that I would ask her is just like, at the moments where it — maybe it seemed like everybody was counting her out... what did you tell yourself [to keep going]?" Tinashe also revealed she was given the chance to meet Madonna, who she asked for advice from. "She was like, 'Don't compare yourself to anyone, and don't take s**t from anyone,'" Tinashe shared before mentioning Madonna told her that making compromises to her artistry will result in an unauthentic "final product."

With a career that boasts collaborations with Chance The Rapper, A$AP Rocky, and Offset, Tinashe had the pleasure of working with her idol, Britney Spears, in 2016, which she sure hasn't forgotten about.

Tinashe said it was 'surreal' to have collaborated with Britney Spears

During a recent appearance on "The Kelly Clarkson Show," Tinashe told host Kelly Clarkson that the first CD she ever bought was Britney Spears' debut studio album, "...Baby One More Time," before explaining they ended up collaborating, which was unsurprisingly a "crazy" moment that she still can't believe happened. For those unaware, Spears allowed Tinashe to feature on the single version of her 2016 song "Slumber Party," which was welcomed with a couple of on-stage performances, one of which took place at Spears' Las Vegas residency, "Piece of Me."

"It still feels really surreal to be able to work with somebody you've like you know, idolized your entire life," the "Die A Little Bit" hitmaker said, calling her "totally authentic" and adding, "And to see her star-power as well, when you're actually on the stage with her and filming a video with her and the camera is rolling, you just see that character come out of her and you're like, 'Oh wow, that's Britney Spears.'" Tinashe and Clarkson also mutually agreed that Spears was "sweet" and had a "kind" soul.

"Slumber Party" has continued to become a topic of discussion recently after British star Charli XCX revealed she was also asked to be on a remix on "Watch What Happens Live with Andy Cohen" earlier this month.