Report: Ray J To Sue Celebrity Big Brother

The singer is putting up a fight with the popular reality TV show.

TMZ reports that Ray J (real name William Ray Norwood Jr.) is filing a lawsuit against Celebrity Big Brother, claiming that the show unfairly kicked him off the program. While he'd initially wanted to reach a settlement with the British TV show, Ray J and his legal team have reportedly "hit a wall" regarding negotiations.

So just what happened to spark this big lawsuit?

Apparently, Ray J, 36, had a "dental emergency" back in January 2017, while filming the show. Due to the "extreme tooth pain," he had to see a dentist on set, TMZ reported. He later was kicked off of the show and transported to a hospital, where he reportedly learned that he had an abscessed tooth, a cracked filling, and a severe gum issue.

Ray J is reportedly seeking a hefty payout from Celebrity Big Brother—which he says he's owed—as well as a public apology and an invitation to appear on the show next season.

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