Cher's Reason For Missing The Will Smith Oscars Drama Is Hilariously On Brand

Every year, the Oscars are always a big discussion point amongst fans and critics. However, it seems this year Will Smith and Chris Rock stole the show for a totally unexpected reason.

Before presenting the award for Best Documentary Feature, Rock made a joke about Will's wife, Jada Pinkett Smith, and her bald head, stating she could possibly star in a sequel to "G.I. Jane" in the near future. Despite Jada looking beautiful in a look many people choose to rock, the "Girls Trip" actor had previously been open about having alopecia for many years, according to People. After Rock cracked the joke, Will was seen laughing with some of the audience, while Jada looked unimpressed and rolled her eyes. Before we knew it, Will got out of his seat, walked directly up to Rock and slapped him across the face. After sitting down, Will appeared angry and repeatedly shouted, "Keep my wife's name out of your fu***** mouth." Rock agreed he would and tried to tell Will it was only a joke on his part. Much to nobody's surprise, many were stunned by the candid moment.

The award show continued and shortly after, Will won the trophy for Best Actor for his role as King Richard in the movie of the same name, per The Telegraph. Millions tuned in to watch the 94th annual ceremony, but that did not stop music icon Cher from missing the most talked-about moment of the evening.

Cher was too busy getting a Dr. Pepper when the incident happened

Cher is absolutely epic on Twitter and her reason for missing the incident between Will Smith and Chris Rock at the Oscars on March 27 is a good indication as to why.

During the ceremony, Cher was live-tweeting the show from home and informed her 4 million followers that she didn't catch Rock being slapped by Will after making a joke about Jada Pinkett Smith's bald head, writing, "WENT OUT OF RM & MISSED REASON FOR WILL'S PUNCH..JUST SAW IT, BUT STILL NOT SURE WHY." Prior to that, she had tweeted, "OH WHAT A NIGHT IM SO SO SO HAPPY," which resulted in a users believing she was in favor of Rock's joke about Jada. "She must really hate Chris Rock," they wrote. Cher, however, set the record straight. "I Hadn't Seen The Fight Dip [poo emoji]...I went To get a Dr Pepper," the "Strong Enough" hitmaker responded.

Cher's tweeted unsurprisingly did not go unnoticed and had fans rolling on the floor with laughter. "This response made me spit out MY dr. pepper. I knew immediately that she was not talking about the slap," one user wrote. "Thank you Cher for Standing Up for Dr. Pepper in these dark times," another person shared. "Greatest tweet ever," a third declared.