Miley Cyrus Has Choice Words About Her Marriage To Liam Hemsworth

Miley Cyrus may no longer be married to Australian actor Liam Hemsworth, but that doesn't mean the "Wrecking Ball" hitmaker is afraid to address their failed union.

As noted by Cosmopolitan, the former couple met in June 2009 while working on the movie "The Last Song" together. During an interview on "The Graham Norton Show," Cyrus revealed their first kiss happened while filming a scene for the film. During their on-and-off relationship, Cyrus wrote and released a song titled "Malibu," and admitted to Billboard in 2017 that it was a love song about the "Isn't It Romantic" actor. "They're going to talk about me if I come out of a restaurant with Liam. So why not put the power back in my relationship and say, 'This is how I feel'?" she stated. As for their reason for splitting in 2013, Cyrus revealed she was going through a big change in her life at the time. "And changing with someone else not changing like that is too hard. Suddenly you're like, 'I don't recognize you anymore'," she said.

Cyrus and Hemsworth eventually reunited and tied the knot on December 23, 2018, according to Harper's Bazaar. However, a decade after their first meeting, Cyrus' reps told People the duo was no longer together the following August. Now years after parting ways, Cyrus has more to say about their marriage.

Miley Cyrus said her marriage to Liam Hemsworth was a 'disaster'

Miley Cyrus is currently on tour and is giving fans more than what they paid for. In addition to performing her hits, she dished about her feelings towards her marriage to fellow actor Liam Hemsworth in the middle of her set.

As previously reported by the Daily Mail, the "When I Look At You" hitmaker appeared at Lollapalooza in São Paulo, Brazil on March 26 and invited a gay couple onstage, who ended up getting engaged. After congratulating the pair, Cyrus shared a remark that appeared to be salty toward Hemsworth. "Honey, I hope your marriage goes better than mine, mine was a fu***** disaster," she stated. Ouch.

During a 2020 interview with Rolling Stone, Cyrus opened up about her failed marriage to Hemsworth, noting that she clung to their relationship after the couple lost their home in California's Woolsey Fire. "In a way, [the fire] did what I couldn't do for myself," Cyrus said. "It removed me from what no longer was serving its purpose. And then as you drown, you reach for that lifesaver and you want to save yourself. I think that's really what, ultimately, getting married was for me. One last attempt to save myself." The singer reiterated the sentiment in conversation with Howard Stern. "I just clung to what I had left of that house which was me and him," she said, adding, "and I really do and did love him very, very, very much."