Nicki Minaj Takes A Strong Stance In The Chris Rock Will Smith Debacle

Rapper Nicki Minaj is no stranger to award show drama. Minaj infamously called out singer Miley Cyrus as they were both standing on stage at the 2015 MTV Video Music Awards, bellowing, "Miley, what's good!" It wasn't a scripted moment, it was very much real, intense, and loaded with animosity. Minaj was still not happy with Cyrus four years later when she said during a 2019 interview, per USA Today, "The white girl cry and made the Black girl seem like she was a bad guy ... She disrespected me in a magazine article for no reason." On the other hand, Cyrus said at the time she didn't believe there was "beef now anymore," per Complex

So with all of that rollercoaster award show drama under her belt, it stands to reason that Minaj might have some insight into what went down on March 27 at the Oscars between Best Actor winner Will Smith and comedian Chris Rock. And according to Minaj, she can see how both men might have felt in that moment, and she has compassion for both. However, the main person we should be thinking about, she says, is Jada Pinkett Smith.

Minaj has previously expressed on several occasions how much she adores and loves Jada, so she centered her idol in her series of tweets. 

Nicki Minaj loves Chris Rock, but says he should've known better

In a series of tweets posted to her official Twitter account, Nicki Minaj shared her very personal feelings on the issue of jokes being cracked at the expense of Black women, and how that might affect their husbands. The "Anaconda" rapper posted her first tweet on the morning of March 28, writing that Chris Rock should have known better than to punch down at Jada Pinkett Smith's alopecia. "I love Chris Rock ...  but between him & the whole team @ the #Oscars you mean to tell me not ONE of y'all heard this woman just share this heartbreaking story? #ComeOnSon," Minaj said.

Her second tweet spoke to the pain Will Smith and Jada probably confront behind closed doors, writing in part, "The husband gets a front row seat to his wife's pain... he's the 1 consoling her... drying her tears behind closed doors when those cameras go off." She then showed understanding and compassion for Will, writing she can understand why he may have snapped: "while y'all seeing the joke he's seeing her pain."

She finished off by reminding readers how Jada must struggle with her condition. "Imagine what it must feel like to be losing your hair to the point where you have to shave it bald," Minaj tweeted to her 24.6 million followers. "You think that's easy to deal with for anyone? You don't think she's cried about that many times?" Minaj's final thought on the matter stated that, in 2022, men need to rethink all the horrible things they've said about their wives.