The Challenge: All Stars Season 3 Release Date, Cast, And More Information

Since the first season of "The Challenge: All Stars" aired on Paramount+ in March 2021, viewers have fallen in love with the intense competition series that even takes challengers underwater and through electric fence mazes. The series is a spinoff from MTV's longtime hit "The Challenge," which has run for an impressive 37 seasons. "All Stars" combines some of the best veteran competitors from the MTV show. 

While the winner gets to claim a grand prize of $500,000, some who make a return to the screen years after their initial debut on "The Challenge" are specifically out for retribution, per Variety. Others coming back for "All Stars" claim to be competing for the right reasons and to simply "show how the OGs used to roll."

Now after two successful seasons of "All Stars" hosted by TJ Lavin, fans are gearing up for Season 3, which will be released in the spring of 2022, reports People. Series veteran Mark Long said he was "pinching myself every day" when he had the opportunity to put his mental and physical strength to the test for the world once more. So let's take a look at who's anticipated to show up on the latest season, and when fans can plan to watch more of their favorites compete again.

When's the release date for The Challenge: All Stars Season 3?

Filming for the new season of "The Challenge: All Stars" supposedly took place in October 2021, one month before Season 2 aired, per Screen Rant. In good news for fans anxiously waiting to see if their favorite veterans will make a return, Season 3 of the hit reality competition series will premiere on May 11, reports People. It will be available to viewers internationally on Paramount+, its affiliated streaming platform since its pilot.

Because the two previous seasons consist of 10 episodes each, we can only expect the same for Season 3, notes TV Insider. Additionally, hard-core "All Stars" fans know they will most likely have to wait for one new episode to drop each week, which is the typical release pattern by the hit Paramount+ series. This means viewers can't binge the latest season all at once.

While the official cast of Season 3 hasn't been revealed yet, we can gather how many competitors fans can expect to see in May, and what former stars might make a comeback.

Who's in the cast of The Challenge: All Stars Season 3?

As to be expected from the two previous seasons of "The Challenge: All Stars," which both aired in 2021, the cast of Season 3 should be filled with the best competitors in the game. On May 11, fans will finally get to see what 24 challengers officially made the cutoff, per Entertainment Weekly. But spoilers have given some insight on who to expect and who not to. One former competitor that's apparently not returning for Season 3 is "The Challenge" fan-favorite Johnny Bananas, according to Nova Rogue. Bananas reportedly dropped out of competing in the latest season last minute. He's considered one of the greatest players ever on "The Challenge," competing on 20 seasons and winning seven in the process, reports Us Weekly.

Spoiler page Stop Being Polite has released who they believe will appear on Season 3 in just a few weeks. Citing a drama-filled cast, the spoiler page says that Beth Stolarczyk, who's described as a franchise "villain" from her time on "All Stars" Season 1, will show up some time as a replacement. However, there hasn't been any insight on who she comes in for, notes Showbiz CheatSheet

Though, until we see the official cast onscreen competing in widely difficult mental and physical challenges, we can't be exactly sure which competitors will make a return.

Where will the latest season of The Challenge: All Stars take place?

The fear-engaging competitions on Season 3 of "The Challenge: All Stars" are set to take place in Panama, per Entertainment Weekly. This is different from previous episodes, as Season 1 took place in Argentina's Andes Mountains, cites Republic World. Because of its intense scenic range, Argentina has formerly been used as a filming location in various seasons of "The Challenge" throughout its more than two decades on the air. However, Season 2 of "All Stars" was filmed in Cancun, Mexico, and dropped in November 2021. There, contestants reportedly had to endure temperatures up to 91 degrees.

Netflix apparently likes the idea of filming a reality competition show in Panama this year as well. As the world's biggest streaming service is rumored to be in the process of trying to launch a new series very similar to "The Challenge," cites Screen Rant. Similar to the "All Stars" spinoff, participants in the projected series will be a combination of fan favorites from hit shows like "Too Hot To Handle," "Love Is Blind," and "The Circle." Filming for the new, unnamed Netflix series reportedly hasn't begun. 

It seems reality competition show lovers will get a chance to see a lot of new content in Panama this year. But with two highly successful seasons of "All Stars" in 2021 and a third season ready to go for May 11, per People, we expect the Paramount+ show will continue to be a favorite among viewers for a while.